PopUpCommontater has arrived!

Welcome All, it’s my intention to post here, ahem, regularly – on anything I bloody well want to – which provokes a response from me because someone has to do it. So you’ll see me here popping up and popping off when the press, TV personalities, politicians, and anyone for that matter, who seeks to ’speak for me’ in terms such as, “this is what Americans want,” “we know what most Americans think” and “most Americans are willing to give up some civil liberties in exchange for a more secure nation;” to which I say, Let Me Speak For Myself and Stop Presuming You Know My Thoughts Thank You Very Much!  Besides, what part of secure nation don’t you understand?!

So please join with me in spanking, speaking back to those who presume to run our lives, mess things up and then wonder why we complain when they don’t sort our wash or pay our bills.  Hmm… see what I mean? People who want to ‘help us’ fail to understand helping would be paying our bills, canning the IRS, and stop playing Risk. Do I hear an Amen?!