‘Hate crime’ by a 9 year old..?

hAvE wE lOsT oUr cOLLecTiVe mInDs..?  ‘hAtE cRiMe’ aT 9 yRs oLd?

Umm, we’ve lost it, haven’t we? I’m sitting here thinking, is it even fathomable for mature adults to charge kids with serious crimes, like, um, hate crimes? This 3 day hate crime suspension of a 9 year old for using the words “brown people” is cuckoo. Period. End of story.



Thug-out bag

Tonight, sitting here summing up today’s abysmal news, economoney’s dive off the high board, and the fact the whole elite world hates me along with the country’s innocent collective collateral, damaged from the head down, I was considering what I’d stuff in my thug-out bag before they come for me. I’m sure they’ll come for me [and 80% of sheeple] *cough* because we haven’t done anything wrong. I’m assuming they will say to me, once they’ve kicked the door down a la Elian G, you only get to take one book and five CDs, and your one obligatory cyanide caplet unless you want us to do your dirty work for you, you lazy SOB! *kick*

Hmm.. one book, 5 CDs. OK. I’ve decided. I’m going to take The Good Book and Van Morrison set. Like h&ll you are! You nucking futz? You won’t live a day if you bring that nucking goody-2-shoes rag! Either I’ll kill you, or they will! Okaaay. I’ll take Gibran and Morrison. Oh, damn! [under breath: I wonder what goes best with barb wire?] Let’s see, it’s got to be 4 Van and 1 Cat Power. No. Start over. Gibran, 3 Vans, 1 Cat, 1 Dylan. Shite! What’s wrong with me? Never, never, never break 5-of-a-kind! This has gone on now, this back and forth, trying to decide what music goes best with Gibran, for nearly an hour. Until it finally dawned on me that death goes best sans The Good Book.

What’s in your wallet thug-out bag?


Blackwater shooting spree.. what is the Bush admin going to do about it?

The answer is: nothing

A report in The Times this week says that the F.B.I. is reaching the same horrifying conclusion as the Iraqi authorities: that the deadly September shooting spree by Blackwater security guards in Baghdad was unjustified and violated the American government’s rules for the use of deadly force. The question is, what is the Bush administration going to do about it?

Act on your convictions

Quitcha bitchin’, put pedal to the metal, money where your mouth is..

..and stop complaining about how the world has wronged you, how the .government doesn’t understand you, or you’re b-o-r-e-d! I found something for you to do. For us to do. Together. All cozy like. ah huh, ah huh. I know you’d like it to be food – a food fight or swimming in a pool of jello – but today instead of engaging your mouth, engage your eyes cuz here’s the recipe for all your troubles, Bubbles! All you have to do is know how to read, for now (all coy-like). Y’all ready now? Okay! Just follow these directions!


‘What’s your environmental footprint?’

So while I was at the Live Science site, I took their What’s Your Environmental Footprint? quiz, just to see how “green” I am. Ha! I got 4 out of 10 questions correct. So, you could say I was 100% “green” before I threw up after learning how ridiculously stupid I am trying to be Kermit.. It’s not easy being green.. (groan)


Find out how “green” you be, just for laughs, and share your results in Comments.

‘Hypocrisy Rooted in High Morals’

I came across an article by Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience.com Staff Writer, entitled, “Oddly, Hypocrisy Rooted in High Morals” and immediately thought of our Illustrious Leaders. pound.gif

In the new study, detailed in the November issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology, researchers find that when this line between right and wrong is ambiguous among people who think of themselves as having high moral standards, per Live Science, the do-gooders can become the worst of cheaters.

This is an interesting article worth reading, however, it makes me feel like never doing another good thing for the rest of my life. ;>

Federal Estate Tax Reform per Congress or Buffetteers?

Why would Congress Senate Finance Committee defer to Conrad Teitell, Eugene Sukup (don’t laugh!), or Warren Buffett suggestions regarding a Federal Estate Tax? Does this Tottering Trio own the world, or what? Do they have a formula that the world has to abide by in order to get feed and slave for wages? Santa Buffett suggests Congress consider giving lower-income families a $1,000 annual tax credit rather than repealing the federal estate tax. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Do you know what that kind of money will buy you, folks!?! About TWO WEEKS worth of groceries, THAT’S what! (hee)  cheer2.gif sheepish.jpg

Sorry, but it annoys me when I see outside people dictate laws via our representatives. Those puppet strings are slowly morphing into nooses, my friends.

Talk of a Ronald Reagan/Bill Bradley Redux, too. Be prepared.
Consensus is we are in deep doo-doo. OMG! I’m shocked!

Michael ‘If-you-really-wanted-answers-you-should-have-waterboarded-me’ Mukasey

This, coming from a supposedly mature man in charge of his faculties.