Food safety will be foot in the door for global economy infrastructure..

C-SPAN’s coverage of the National Press Club’s speech by Sec. Mike Leavitt focused on food safety as a result of our participation in the “global marketplace” and unveiled the Master Plan to put our standards on food products coming into our country. Great! you say. True, this is a plus for us, inasmuchas we may not be poisoned at our dinner table by filthy food anymore (or, less so. Har.). But, this “Master Plan” requires countries to “register” their food products via bar codes. Wow. I learned something while listening to Leavitt’s speech: He’s a globalist! And he’s into bar codes..

How far can the nwo be coming up behind this new revelation? *snort*

Mwwwaaaaaahahahaha, HAH!



ClearBlue sk…anky potty mouth :(

Hellooooo, Leader of the Free World, Light on Dem Thar Hill, Epitome of (all-things) Cultcha.. oh hail.. no use putting on the ritz, self-righteous, pious pomposity when we’re no better than a pig wearing white gloves…

Today, on TV, the announcer for ClearBlue Pregnancy Test said, “..the most advanced piece of technology you will ever pee on.”

NO! I swear! I kid you NOT!

Clearly, ClearBlue is..


Ron Paul: please help me find dirt on him? ;>

I came across this article on another forum. I’m posting it in its entirety. Please tell me what you think of it.

Please help me find dirt on Ron Paul. Folks, I really need your help. We’ve got to find some dirt on Ron Paul and find it fast. The primaries are quickly approaching.

I’ve carefully searched Ron Paul’s personal background. Can you believe this guy has been married only once? And, that he’s been married to that same woman for 50 years? Surely there must have been numerous affairs during that time, but I’ve been unable to find a single instance of it. I’ve listened to quite a few interviews with his wife (hoping to detect a chink in his armor) but all she does is blather on and on about what a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather he is. She fawns over his impeccable integrity and how he would make such a great president. Give me a break, Ms. Paul. What could you possibly know about men?She should probably talk to Rudy Guliani’s…mistress…er…whatever.

I checked Ron Paul’s professional background. We all know that every politician has done at least one illegal stock trade or colluded with someone at the corporate level in some way, at least one time, if not many times. But if Ron Paul has, he’s done a masterful job of hiding it. Even in his private practice as an OB/GYN, he has delivered over 4000 babies…and performed several of them without the patient paying a dime! No wonder they say he’s crazy. And no wonder he’s not a multi-millionaire like John Edwards or Mitt Romney. He should at least talk to Hillary Clinton about investing in cattle futures.

I went on to Ron Paul’s political record. I just knew that I’d find dozens of flip-flops on important issues. After all, no politician can survive the establishment without selling out his true principles. It was only a few months ago that John “We must protect our borders” McCain, was trying to push an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants down our throat. It’s certainly no secret that Mike “I’m full of one-liners” Huckabee raised more taxes than Bill Clinton. And, Fred “I’ve always been a pro-life conservative” Thompson admits to representing a lobbyist organization that was pro-choice. But, alas, much to my dismay, I found Ron Paul’s voting record in 2007 to look like a carbon copy of all his previous voting records. No spin, no double-talk, nothing. He’s not only refused to vote with the popular sentiment, he has actually been the lone dissenting vote on several occasions, even when it meant voting against his own party! What’s up with this guy??

Don’t think I haven’t looked for a way to play the race card, too. I had heard some rumors about Ron Paul being a radical, white-robed, racist. Of course, his own personal and political history provides an awful lot of evidence that he supports equality for all individuals and preferences for none. Well… so what? Maybe his record does make that crystal clear. What does that prove?

Ahh, and what about the religious issue? He’s a protestant Christian, you know. Every student who ever took a sociology class knows that the world is just one huge crime scene and that every white protestant male is a prime suspect. Barack Obama just doesn’t realize how lucky he is to be running for the American presidency with a Muslim background.

Well, out of total desperation to find something—anything—that might blemish Ron Paul’s character, I reviewed every single debate performance. I listened intently for contradictions in his statements. I found none. I watched carefully for cheap shots at his opponents. Not even once. I looked for instances of whining about his unfair treatment by the moderators. Nada. I couldn’t even find a single occasion where he rudely kept talking long after he was told that his time was up! What are we supposed to do???

Every top tier presidential candidate either has a scandal in their background, an inconsistent voting record, or some disconcerting weakness in their character. At this point, I seriously think we should search the underbelly of America for a new nominee. Given the current requirements for popular support, Ron Paul obviously doesn’t stand a chance in hell.


Paul Wolfowitz now Chairman of Internat’l Security Advisory Board

O, geezes, how can it be? (swoon) Whack-a-mole pops up again (and again)(and again) and ends up under Rice-a-Roni. It’s a travesty that a-bad is a-bad is a-bad is ignored over and over by the brightest of our nation. Let me remind one that Paul ‘Whack-a-mole’ Wolfowitz resigned from the DoD as deputy Defense Secretary 3 years ago and was virtually run out of the World Bank with a HankyPanky spank, and now he pops up (again) under Rice-a-Roni who offered him a job as chairman of the International Security Advisory Board, a prestigious State Department panel. This gig also affords him access to highly classified intelligence (wow. can it be anymore obvious?). Whack-a-mole snatched the gig before Rice-a-Roni finished her offer.  Read Newsweek article  here.

We are a desperate nation, indeed, if we have to constantly recycle bad apples from a barrel that should have been dumped off a ship in the middle of the ocean, yesterday. Every decision maker in the top echelon of .governmental affairs is a FOAF by only a few degrees of separation. They ought to form a Consanguinity Club of America.