Paul Wolfowitz now Chairman of Internat’l Security Advisory Board

O, geezes, how can it be? (swoon) Whack-a-mole pops up again (and again)(and again) and ends up under Rice-a-Roni. It’s a travesty that a-bad is a-bad is a-bad is ignored over and over by the brightest of our nation. Let me remind one that Paul ‘Whack-a-mole’ Wolfowitz resigned from the DoD as deputy Defense Secretary 3 years ago and was virtually run out of the World Bank with a HankyPanky spank, and now he pops up (again) under Rice-a-Roni who offered him a job as chairman of the International Security Advisory Board, a prestigious State Department panel. This gig also affords him access to highly classified intelligence (wow. can it be anymore obvious?). Whack-a-mole snatched the gig before Rice-a-Roni finished her offer.  Read Newsweek article  here.

We are a desperate nation, indeed, if we have to constantly recycle bad apples from a barrel that should have been dumped off a ship in the middle of the ocean, yesterday. Every decision maker in the top echelon of .governmental affairs is a FOAF by only a few degrees of separation. They ought to form a Consanguinity Club of America.



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