now has a BLOG – check it out!, as you know, is a social news site that lets its members judge the soundness, truthfulness, and quality of news articles across the board. NewsTrust has a system to score articles based on how well it is sourced, how fair it is, and whether the writer gives an appropriate background of the news item. Members vote on a scale of 1 through 5 and the 12 metrics used for scoring are clearly defined. This rating system was developed by Michigan State University so that amateur citizens can score news articles using the site’s unique review tools.

NewsTrust differs from other social news sites in that the users/members are required to give their full name when registering, thus keeping the reviewers accountable.’s founder Fabrice Florin was featured in the Marin Independent Journal recently. is also a recipient of a hefty $450,000 grant from the prestigious MacArthur Foundation to expand the non-profit news aggregator.


“I wanted to do something that would benefit the public at large,” he said. “The public is overwhelmed with information, and you don’t know if you can trust it.”

Now has a Blog where you can find reviewing tips, new features, the special projects they’re working on, and the latest community news. Now’s your opportunity to leave opinions, news views, and questions in Comments, a feature specific to blogs .


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