Gov. Spitzer’s Resignation

There’s something really troubling about Gov. Spitzer’s fall from grace. There’s so many other congressmen and politicians who’ve done as bad or worse than the governor but still hold their position. So, it leaves one wondering why he was taken down so quickly. Maybe someone doesn’t like his politicks, right?  Well, that may be one way to approach this sad event, but something more ominous could be going on here, like maybe he was  caught in an illegal wiretapping dragnet. As you know, we’re all exposed to being blackmailed or exposed for some wrong-doing if we play hardball with tptb.  I believe this potential for blackmail and bribery is one of the reasons our former statesmen made very strict laws concerning domestic surveillance.  As it stands right now everyone is being surveilled; you, me, federal employees, and more importantly, Congress may have been pulled into a massive dragnet and is being blackmailed into doing the will of (fill in the blank) which should make everyone feel a little uneasy until those responsible enough and have the power, put an end to the illegal spying going on in our nation.  What is being done in the name of trying to “keep Americans safe” has actually undermined our freedoms and has made a laughing stock of us by those who wish to do us harm.  Notice I wasn’t specific as to who may want to do us harm. Question is, are they foreign or domestic?