Here’s what government-run health care looks like..(“,)

Government-Run Health Care

o_gov-run_healthcare_flowchart_medAnd, they don’t tell you that after 5 years, a White House Healthcare Czar
decides what kind of care you will get; not what you might need.
smilieoldgeezer I think that’s another word for rationing, euthanasia and soylent green.


$190,000 withdrawn in $20 bills; irate bank customer hits back

..ya gotta love it.  According to Stuff, after Westpac Bank, Nelson Branch, turned down Mapua artist Roger Griffiths request – a loyal customer for 25 years – for an $80,000 loan, Griffiths made it difficult for the bank by withdrawing his $190,000 savings – in $20 bills!   The bank turned down his application because he didn’t have a regular income as an artist, a successful one at that.  So, the bank had to meticulously count out the money as Griffith stood at the ready.  This sucks – he had $200,000 in cash and was going to sell his $110,000 campervan to more than meet the 20 percent deposit mandated by the bank.

His message to Westpac: “If you don’t support the community, the community won’t support you.”

At last – someone shows some spunk!