Panic sex!

..heh heh, no need for panic sex, actually my fingers slipped while typing “food” so please I beg my pardon.   Yes, yes.  It’s true, I’ll do anything to get your attention so I can tell you of the latest round of FDA food recalls.  Folks, there’s so many..   if you wrote each food item on a piece of paper, then threw the paper on the floor, by the time you finished all the contaminated food items, you’d have a pile from floor to ceiling.  I KID YOU NOT!

Now, go read the list I’m providing you, in the hopes that not one, no, not even one of you shall perish from this atrocity!  Click here.  Now GO.  GOD SPEED.



  1. wow thanks to share,i always came to visit ur blog :)


  2. More info and video at


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