Nobel Peace prize. Want fries with that?

First came the laughter, then disgust.

“President Obama was rewarded for his unique message.”
(as tho he were the only one with a “unique” message.)

We should have seen it coming, folks. The Wrecking Ball’s psychopants keep heaping accolades on him, trying to create greatness out of thin air.  Now, this narcissist eats up praise and adulation like he had a hollow leg to put it in.  I can’t help thinking of the previous Nobel prize recipients who actually earned their prize, some of them only after devoting many, many years in their field of expertise.  The Wrecking Ball had it handed to him. Without merit and based on the hope and change that has yet to materialize. So, that action alone diminishes and steals any credibility at all for the Nobel Peace prize – starting with Wrecking Ball – and on down the line.  Pity. Really.   From now on, I will call it for what it really is, the KnowBull  WhenYouSeeIt award.

Then, to add insult to injury, the Chairman of the Nobel Committee opines:

“Only very rarely has a person, to the same extent as Obama, captured the world’s attention and given his people hope for a better future,” the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Thorbjorn Jagland, said in a statement.”

Wellll, I can think of several people who have captured the world’s attention who weren’t awarded a Nobel Peace prize and surely deserved one:  Diana, Princess of Wales; Michael Jackson, Andre Agassi, former-President Bill Clinton, Mahatma Gandhi, former President Ronald Reagan, and Bill Gates, just to name a few.

Before too long, the O may grow his hair long, sport a halug and wear gladiator sandals.  Surely then we will recognize him for who he really is (according to his psychopants, that is ;), and he will travel the world with rod and staff and heal the ailing and afflicted among us.

From now on, I will call it for what I think its become, the KnowBull (WhenYouSeeIt) Putz award.