House takes up Frank’s Financial Overhaul legislation

Why is that? S  Why would We the People allow Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) to legislate something as crucial as financial regulation, when he and others are responsible for the economic/financial R-U-I-N of our beloved country?   Personally, I wouldn’t let Frank have anything to do with F-I-N-A-N-C-E-S.  Okay.  I take that back.  I might consider letting him run my lemonade stand next summer.  *snort* 

Hey. Wait a minute. There’s only one letter difference between run and ruin.  -oo-  I wonder if I’m on to something..?

Gore’s Oscar in the spotlight

What’s up with this:  Two conservatives of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science, Roger Simon and Lionel Chetwynd, call out for the Academy to “rescind the prestigious, profitable gold Oscar statuette that it gave ex-Vice President Al Gore et al. two years ago for the environmental movie “An Inconvenient Truth.”  S

‘We tried to tell Al he was full of shit, but he told us this:
“It’s all about the money, stu-nods!”

Sooo, how about rescinding BO’s Nobel Peace Prize on the basis that BO is continuing a war that is most likely not peaceful?


O, I belong in this rare air
I am He who must be Obeyed.

National security – want fries with that..?

How are we ever going to take ‘national’ security issues seriously if our own White House security apparatus can be overpowered by wit?  Suppose when the couple went to shake our President’s hand, she offered him an activated hand grenade instead of the usual fawn-and-flatter routine?

This is really SERIOUS stuff here.  How can lawmakers present a legitimate case now for continuing  to take our civil liberties away for ‘security’ reasons when they can’t even keep the White House secured?

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to think about such things:  it seems We the People are being taken for patsies as They continue to implement population control policies to keep the ‘little guy’ down and penniless.  Such a BIG deal is made for ‘securing’ our country from the bad guys, the terrahists, and nothing’s been done about our porous borders, our sea ports, electric grids, etc.  tptb continue to live their lives unfettered and free from restraints.

tptb are dead set to begin gun control measures and strip us of ways to defend ourselves against home invasion, robbery, burglary, killers, and maniacs who will have all the guns. Then there’s the hypocrites in Congress who want gun control for citizens but are armed themselves to protect them and their families.

What is wrong with this picture?

Photo needs caption

Even I wouldn’t ‘buy’ what I’m selling ..


Let’s be clear here, folks.  The pitch didn’t stick.

Al Gore Cancels on Copenhagan – leaves ticketholders in the lurch

What more is there to say?
OwlGore may have seen C-SPAN’s coverage of a ‘climate change’ panel where Prince Albert II wasn’t doing too well in the question and answer part of the program; he stuttered and sputtered trying to give answers to an obviously savvy audience, and it became, let’s-be-clear-here, that he lacked the knowledge necessary to convince legit scientists who may have been in the audience.  Owl should be nervous.  I watched his testimony to Congress and, let’s just say I was embarrassed for him.  And now, he must be distraught knowing his cottage industry has gone *poof* and he’s left hanging out in the cold with only his ego to talk to.  Tsk, tsk, and alas and alack, his ‘reputation’  is ruined, and it ain’t ever coming back.  Sorta makes one recall Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner, ya know?

The Truth will OUT, always.
Hear that, guys?

So long, Owl!

Yo! C-SPAN junkies – what treaty ratification presented by..

.. Sen. Bob Casey, passed by two-thirds with a wink and a nod?  There was clearly no such numbers in the chamber at this time, 8:25ish PM on C-SPAN2?


Another Day, Another Lie – heehaw

How about this – there’s a breach in the security apparatus surrounding the WH allowing a couple (of narccisists; it seems to be a staple and requirement for elected office these days..;) to waltz right in, partake of the Reigning Cornucopia of empty suits Importance – AND – slink like lounge lizards sashay up to The Wrecking Ball to shake hands and maybe kiss the ring throw in a couple of photo op face-time with the Faker and his Faker Friends of the universe, which includes our present global smarming debacle follow-ons (of which most scientists will understand its meaning and bottom line haw..;)

But wait – there’s more! Once this shenaniganzary was exposed, the WH immediately declared (x-ray eyeglasses and mind-meld at its best) that the couple of nuts were actually legit guests!  But wait – there’s even more! [Spoken in stern, military solemness hee], we hear shortly after that the couple was legit as per the Pentagon!!!  [whew! masterly accomplishment] The following day this bogus bombshell of a happening was topped by the WH itself in coming clean that it “accepts some blame in gatecrasher saga”.  Some blame!? Can you say, blow my mind?

Now, it would appear the security is rather lax to the max at the WH which ought to invite horrifying realization that The Wrecking Ball could have been dinged or even demolished by this narcissistic loony couple.  Which makes one think, is there any real danger afoot in the US, i.e., tickin’ timebombba terratards?  The Congress doesn’t appear to have any worry lines over their collective single brow and all the TV trashtalkers don’t look worried or concerned, either.

I have to tellya, when there’s real danger, people look somber and/or petrified – sort of like the faces on the Day of Infamy, 9112001.  Recall the faces of terrah, wouldja?  Recall the voice inflections of that day, if you can, please?

Which brings me to a conclusion that We the American People have been duped, snookered, lambasted and slathered with the loss of civil liberties while our betters (sniff) enjoy free range of motion anywhere in OUR great country!!!

Think on it.

Paging Cal Lightman!!

Mr. Lightman,

I’ve been following your work and it’s most impressive!  The reason I’m paging you, believe it or not, is to,  er..well,.. here goes! Our country needs you!! Now I must be blunt, first off, about not being able to afford your consulting fees, but believe you me, Yoda knows you’ve earned them.  Probably even more so now if you accept this ‘mission impossible’ challenge, the whole bloody world will know of you !! [good for business, you know..wink]

And the nice thing about it, Cal Mr. Lightman – you don’t even have to leave your office. I simply want to know what you can tell me about this man’s sincerity and truth factor [see photo below], from his facial expression and body language.  See?  Simple enough, n0? This photo as seen on der Spiegel Online accompanying an article written by Gabor Steingart,  Searching in Vain for the Obama Magic.

And, Mr. Lightman, sir, can you just leave your extensive analysis, charts, film clips, whathaveyou, in a comment to this thread?  Thank you, pardner!!