Another Day, Another Lie – heehaw

How about this – there’s a breach in the security apparatus surrounding the WH allowing a couple (of narccisists; it seems to be a staple and requirement for elected office these days..;) to waltz right in, partake of the Reigning Cornucopia of empty suits Importance – AND – slink like lounge lizards sashay up to The Wrecking Ball to shake hands and maybe kiss the ring throw in a couple of photo op face-time with the Faker and his Faker Friends of the universe, which includes our present global smarming debacle follow-ons (of which most scientists will understand its meaning and bottom line haw..;)

But wait – there’s more! Once this shenaniganzary was exposed, the WH immediately declared (x-ray eyeglasses and mind-meld at its best) that the couple of nuts were actually legit guests!  But wait – there’s even more! [Spoken in stern, military solemness hee], we hear shortly after that the couple was legit as per the Pentagon!!!  [whew! masterly accomplishment] The following day this bogus bombshell of a happening was topped by the WH itself in coming clean that it “accepts some blame in gatecrasher saga”.  Some blame!? Can you say, blow my mind?

Now, it would appear the security is rather lax to the max at the WH which ought to invite horrifying realization that The Wrecking Ball could have been dinged or even demolished by this narcissistic loony couple.  Which makes one think, is there any real danger afoot in the US, i.e., tickin’ timebombba terratards?  The Congress doesn’t appear to have any worry lines over their collective single brow and all the TV trashtalkers don’t look worried or concerned, either.

I have to tellya, when there’s real danger, people look somber and/or petrified – sort of like the faces on the Day of Infamy, 9112001.  Recall the faces of terrah, wouldja?  Recall the voice inflections of that day, if you can, please?

Which brings me to a conclusion that We the American People have been duped, snookered, lambasted and slathered with the loss of civil liberties while our betters (sniff) enjoy free range of motion anywhere in OUR great country!!!

Think on it.


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