National security – want fries with that..?

How are we ever going to take ‘national’ security issues seriously if our own White House security apparatus can be overpowered by wit?  Suppose when the couple went to shake our President’s hand, she offered him an activated hand grenade instead of the usual fawn-and-flatter routine?

This is really SERIOUS stuff here.  How can lawmakers present a legitimate case now for continuing  to take our civil liberties away for ‘security’ reasons when they can’t even keep the White House secured?

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to think about such things:  it seems We the People are being taken for patsies as They continue to implement population control policies to keep the ‘little guy’ down and penniless.  Such a BIG deal is made for ‘securing’ our country from the bad guys, the terrahists, and nothing’s been done about our porous borders, our sea ports, electric grids, etc.  tptb continue to live their lives unfettered and free from restraints.

tptb are dead set to begin gun control measures and strip us of ways to defend ourselves against home invasion, robbery, burglary, killers, and maniacs who will have all the guns. Then there’s the hypocrites in Congress who want gun control for citizens but are armed themselves to protect them and their families.

What is wrong with this picture?


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