Senate permits gov’t to borrow an additional $1.9 Trillion!

Waaay’ll, this announcement takes the guess out of which congressional body is more nuckin’ futz, eh?!? 

“You load sixteen tons, whaddyah get,
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don’t you call me cuz I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store!”*

Soon! Coming to your Neighborhood, too!  Watch Americans shuffle off as indentured servants, then into slavery, to expand the Empire!  O, bring back debtors prisons, too, O, you slave Masters, if only for the 3 squares!  Rock on, gov’t! Rock on!
*Lyrics written by:  Jacques Larue
Originally written by: Merle Travis

Q & A

Q:  A question posed by Mastodon on AnswerBag : Why does communism work in theory,but doesn’t in real life?

A:  I venture to guess that it’s because we’re (people) individuals with no minds alike, seeking what will bring comfort and security for self and family.  Oh, and one must factor in “stubbornness”.

Sleight of the Union Speech

Pretty words are one thing, doing is another.

People say they want change.

Change, in the way government goes about the People’s buisness, I think.

Not change in America’s political philosophy; viz Constitutional Republic to Socialism.  Why, even Socialism is a form of Communism, both being a form of ‘democracy’.




A response to today’s congressional testimony of Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, and Henry Paulson, former Treasury Secretary of the Bush Administration.

I don’t know about you but for me whenever I hear guberment officials tell a congressional committee member that more, tougher regulation is needed to make sure ‘NOTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENS AGAIN!’, I want to puke. (burp)

Does anybody believe that with new, tougher regulations there won’t be any gaming of the system?

Alas and alack, there will always be those in positions of power who will find ways to game the system.  I know we cannot legislate morality.  That’s why RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY go hand-in-hand.  The bigger question is why no one is being held responsible for the mess we are in, governmentally.  There’s plenty of blame to go around but, once again, we the people, are left as the clean-up crew for the unethical and/or corrupt actions of those in power who game the system.  As long as there are no repercussions for bad actors on the American stage, we will continue on a path to becoming a Banana Republic with all its accompanying horrors.

The only way out of this steady decline of our once-great America is to produce people who are honest, have personal integrity, and are of a sound mind, able to lead honorably and with uprightness, with the greatest concern for the welfare of all Americans.  This is the true solution for all our problems in and around government.

If you disagree, well,..

Poll: RE: shootings in Appomattox, do you favor gun rights or gun control? is polling its readers regarding the tragic shootings in Appomattox: do you favor gun rights or gun control.  So far, 447 have responded with these results:

Gun Rights – 79.6%
Gun Control – 17.2%
Not Sure – 3.1%

See what “change” can do!  So please do “hope” this trend catches on across the country, willya!  *tricksy titters*

Now you know how I feel about gun rights, but you should also know that my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and loved ones of the lives taken by someone who sounds mentally unstable; and condolences to the community at-large.

Newest replay of the ‘ that this doesn’t happen again’ and ‘..I’m not here to ‘Cast Blame’..blahblah..more interested in ‘Lessons Learned’ salvo..

Our countrymen are raising their voices in unison lately aboutthe course the country is being taken, the prevalence of hiring incompetent, irresponsible, dead-wood personnel, from the top down, and are not going to take it anymore. Americans declare they are tired of incompetent personnel who do nothing but bloviate, fill a room with hot air, lecture and pontificate over-and-over again the same tired, worn, talking points handed out by the arm-up-the-back-moving-the-mouth cabal, who continue to blow smoke up our arses as they proceed their pickpocket enterprise while doing damage control, will not be tolerated.  It seems the only thing government does proficiently is to pickpocket we Americans while curtailing our civil liberties.

When did the protocol of ‘not casting blame’ after horrendous systemic failures by top elected officials, so-called experts in their field, morph into the present weasel ways of ‘lessons learned’? I have not forgotten the shock many Americans felt when the press exposed a large segment of federal workers in top positions resorted to resume-padding and false claims of university degrees in order to gain employment in the government.  I wonder if this chicanery exists today; it seems we have seen an inordinate number of incompetent, unethical behavior coming from those seeking top jobs with the government.  We’ve seen recently a crop of like-minded unethical people being nominated to fill top positions within the over-expansion of power within the coveted presidential circle, and beyond.

What in the world has our government been doing for the last 8 years in the area of homeland security?  What has the government been doing with the unfathomable amount of money requested and granted for an over-haul of our national scurity infrastructure with a focused eye on security from terrorists? Didn’t the 911 Commission lay down recommendations and necessary mandates that were supposed to be put into place shortly after the Commission’s final report? Let’s be clear about this, didn’t the government request more monies, more agencies, more man-power, and more law enforcement databases to deal with this issue?  Did I hear the president say today that those who were asleep at the wheel will be held ‘accountable’?  He isn’t going to let our ‘open’ society, freedoms and way of life be impacted by terrorists!  Soo-e, such strong words coming from our president about ‘accountability’ must mean that finally, finally, some heads will roll!!!


Did the rhetoric espoused by John Brennan, White House counter-terrorism advisor, Janet Napolitano, U.S. secretary for homeland security, and Robert Gibbs, White House press secretary,
give you a sense of deja vu?  A feeling of disgust?  A final realization that government is about personality and image over substance?  And now, action, as well?

AGAIN, I ask, what have they done with our monies for these past 8, eight, as in 8 effing years!!!!

How many times are the government silly sausages of sanctimoniousness going to reinvent the (national security) wheel!?!