Senator Jim DeMint, Senate Oracle

While reading The Hill’s Twitter Room, I chuckled at an item heading:  Sen. Jim DeMint twitters: DC snow will continue ‘until Al Gore cries uncle’. *snort*  Nice to know humor is still erupting on The Hill.  Hee Haw!

Obama cuts moon travel..

..hmm, why must this be?  umm.. considering space exploration is in its infancy and it would behoove us to be first in space exploration. He wants to turn this over to private firms. ( S )
hmm.. maybe he made this move so he could.. extend his own travels around the world with his family and entourage, maybe?  heh heh.  Anyone know the number of people who travel with him..costing millions to taxpayers?  During a recession?  When many a family may not be able to afford gas to take their kids to their doctor?  Afford medications?  Grocery store purchases? 

Healthcare talks behind closed doors, moving forward with ‘Jobs’ issue to distract

Sandy Gehrke: Health care deals are bribery and vote-buying at its worst – The Capital Times
Democrats quietly working to resuscitate healthcare overhaul – Los Angeles Times
Q & A Why are healthcare talks behind closed doors? – Reuters
Obama keeps health reform behind closed doors – Kansas City Star
Health care reform: out of sight but not out of mind – Baltimore Sun
Behind the scenes, Democrats carry on efforts to save health reform – Chattanooga Times Free Press
Democrats take health bill out of the spotlight’s glare – Herald
Behind the Scenes, Democrats carry on efforts to save health reform –

15th Annual Health Action Conference Reveals Health Care being dealt with behind closed doors.

Yesterday, the 15th Annual Health Action Conference was covered by C-SPAN.  During the conference, Susan Dentzer, Editor-in-Chief of Health Affairs shared some inside info.  She said that the national conversation has been switched to “jobs” to take our eye off the Health Care issue which is now being carried out behind closed doors. 

Hey, I just thought someone, somewhere would care, with a bigger megaphone than moi, and want to share this little piece of info. Again we witness deception at its best, eh?  This announcement has been brought to you by a Messenger for Transparency.  ;>