Crikey Roos! You can’t be serious!

Now we have a law professor from Washington & Lee University School of Law
saying everything trumps State’s rights!*
P.S. It depends on what the meaning of “is” is!  (Thanks, Bill!)
Swami BaBa Dum Ass

*(hyperbole alert..:)

Blissed out! \o/ Health care bill passes! \o/ What it means!

omg, I’ma in Heaven. Pincha me.  \o/ The Health Care bill passed with flying colors tonight *whiplash smile*  This means no more denial of health benefits.  \o/ No more pre-condition disqualification.  \o/  No more denial of services. \o/ Armed Services TriCare health care providers will finally be transferred out of the Dept. of Defense (to God knows where, but hey, that’s something). \o/  Maybe They will combine the 3 national health care providers, (named 7/14/09), TriWest Healthcare Alliance, Phoenix, AZ, Aetna Govt. Health Plans of Hartford, CT, and United Health Military and Veterans Services (sorry about your benefits being shaved a little, but.. 

maybe they can find a way to fix it since the contracts cumulative value is more than $55.3 billion.  Surely They can find a way.   Another great thing about this passed bill is that there will be NO MORE GAMING THE SYSTEM.  I’m not sure if physicians will get a raise or cost of living stipend for taking on Medicare patients, but I’m sure the govt will give them more money than they get now.  So don’t worry.  Thank God there won’t be any health care benefits for Americans until 2014.  The Dems, thank goodness, had the keen foresight to begin taxing Americans now, rather than later, (come on, we can DO this!); in other words we’ll get 6 terrific years of health care coverage for the price of 10.  Does it get any better than this?  Hah.  Didn’t think so. *grin*

And last, but not least, we’ll see no more back room shady business deals and no more retched, quid pro quo shenanigans.  All of the new agencies that will be needed to carry out services will be corruption-proof.  Also.., I assume everyone knows the IRS is the enforcement agency for this enterprise.  What govt agency can better juggle this endeavor?  The IRS already has America under its thumb.  Plus, they only need to hire about 17,000 more empoyees to make sure everyone is complying with the new programs. (I still don’t know why IRS needs all those new shotguns though, anybody?).  So y’all, there’s plenty to be jubilant about here.  NO MORE lying, stealing, amoral, unethical behavior from Congress or any one of numerous new agencies and employees running this very tight, well-thought-out blueprint  for a worry-free future-  for all. Americans.  This health care bill, passed tonight, is the best thing that’s happened to Americans in a looong time.



I Cracked the CODE!!

Okay, that’s too strong..  more like, I got a tire iron wedged in the crack, happy? I’ve been noticing lately that a lot of high-profile peeps raise their tiny fist to make a point (?) while talking, and especially while lecturing.  I think it’s a sign, a code, a Flash Gordon code ring, or a new psychoneurological tic that turns the wearer into a tiny tyrant, or the appearance of one.  Nothing scares more than a tiny fist raised, then lowered, then raised again like yo-yo-ing at the podium.

I just want to point out there’s a lot to work with in the above para; fertile ground, if you will.  There’s a board game waiting to bust out of this load of brain droppings. Think about it. 
For instance-

wE CAN USE little TILE heads OF TYRANTS like
Idiot Amin, Pol Plot, Adolt Hitler & Joe Stolin (aka
losif V. Dzhugashvili) & Sodamn Insane.

Raise Your Tiny Fist in solidarity.
Say “Good Morning” tiny fist.  I’m in command of you Today.
Look at me when I talk to you!
Today You Are a Lion in an Armored Tank, tiny fist.
Okay, tiny fist, let’s Roll!!

Okay, ’nuff of that sheet. 
Anyone know the skinny on this hand jive?

Just In!

My dear Mama-san and I were talkin’ politics last night and she was getting really worked up by all the wrong ‘changes’ being made by President Obama.  Beside thinking he’s ruining the country with his power-trip, disrespect shown to foreign leaders, lack of decorum, unpresidential stance and demeanor, poor judgment in all he does, thinks, and enacts (whew, coming up for air), she  thinks she’s not alone in her suffering from Obama-fatigue.  S he’s sick of turning on her TV only to see Prez-O across the networks popping up everywhere like a Whack-a-Mole, as she frantically searches for Obama-free viewing. She says we are saddled with a president who doesn’t know jack-sh*t about being president, excels, enjoys, and is addicted with watching himself in mirrors and lecturing on TV.  That Prez-O likes the sound of his own voice too much.  She called him a narcosist. I think she meant ‘narcissist’ but maybe she’s seen the photo of him smoking a dobie – or she might have meant to say, ‘Marxist’.  My mother totally, with an arm behind her back, slays the English language.

Wrapping up her Obama rant, she floored me when she said sharply, “I wish he’d get on a broom and fly away!!”  Not expecting such, I laughed, taking the bait, asked, “where do you want him to fly away to?”  “To the moon, Alice!!”  “Good plan, Ma! If his broom-landing breaks his stick he won’t be able to get back because he cut funding for space programs!!”

If you can’t win the game – change the rules?

I..I..I just learned today that Freaker-of-the-House, Nancy Pelosi, is weighing the option of using the ‘Slaughter’ Rule to pass the health-care bill.  Now it can be said – are the Democrats planning on slaughtering us!?!

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They keep sayin’ ‘if we don’t pass this bill now our health care costs will go up by 49% in ’82!’
(We’ll all be dead by then; should we care at all? *hysterical laughter*)


Okay.. I’mma listenin’

It’s Up to the States and the People!

“It is up to the States and the People to start correcting both parties’ abuses in order to reestablish the freedom that should be our childrens’ heritage.”  (Haven’t I been saying this for the umpteenth times?)  Get real and get reading the Tenth Amendment Center website to find out how we can get back our civil liberties – then share this knowledge with others.

CNN host places Hawaii off the coast of South America

Raw Story running item on CNN host places Hawaii off the coast of South America reminds me my nephew, who graduated from Virginia Tech, told us he knew a girl at VA Tech who thought West Virginia was on the West Coast.  *rolling eyes*  Yessiree, another example of the dumbing down of our school children, folks.  I like Rick Sanchez but he should know better!