A little something to get your engines revved this morning..(‘,’)

[Ed: Don’t try this at home.  Enactment by non-professional driver.]

Now for a few snarky, smart aleck comments from the peanut gallery..heh heh

“I guess he was cleared for take-off.”

“Another wise latina making a better decision than the rest of us would, due to the richness of her experience.”

“Well we know the pilots at the airport were sober cuz she drank it all.  I wish they had better cameras at the airport. More wide angle. Then we could have seen the approach, the launch and the landing. It was just too quick. I wonder if any of [the] pilots reported seeing a UFO.  Imagine being in a plane and watching an Impala fly by. Weed instead of booze? heehee. She would have flown by without the car.”

“Did she go all David Caruso and put on her sunglasses whilst walking away from the vehicle as it exploded?
I’d pay good money to see that.”

“She shouldn’t have hit the brakes so hard if she was going for distance… rookies.”

“How many more toll booths must die before something is done about these latino drunks. Where is TBADD when you need them (Toll Booths Against Drunk Drivers)….”

“What did she yell in flight, I wonder?”

“What did she yell in flight, I wonder?”
“I don’t know, do people yell when they’re texting?”

“prayers are needed more than immature jokes and assumptions…”
“Dear heavenly father:
Thank you for sparing this woman’s life. We pray oh lord that you bestow your divine wisdom
upon those in power at the Texas DMV, that this woman never be allowed behind the wheel of a car again. Lord hear our prayers.
Yes that is better!”

“Redbull gives you wings.”

“Drive it like you stole it and bone it like you own it. Hahahaha”

“Hold my beer, y’all watch this.”



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