Busted! the House does know how to grill a stake

Pardon my bad manners but I’ve got a bone to pick.  If you don’t chew bones, skip this post, ok?  Thanx.  But first, I want to convey my deep concern and sorrow for everyone involved, in any manner, by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  This accident is tragic and far-reaching, especially for those who live on the coast and are undergoing tremendous stress due to their polluted environment and loss of employment as a result of this tragic accident.  Now to the reason for this post.

Those who know me, whether personally or those who stop in for a read and a giggle will have learned that I’m a C-SPAN junkie.  I’ve had my fill of the BP hearings and I’ve  come to this amazing observation!  I try to be objective when reading the news, listening/watching TV/radio programs and face-2-face encounters.  So, let me be clear here.. What goes around, comes around!

Congress people are getting a little (eh, maybe a big, heh heh ) taste of what We the (Small) People get from them on a daily basis.  The House is exasperated with the BP top banana, Tony Hayward, BP CEO.  They’ve got the bare light bulb centered squarely (roundly?) on the bloke’s curly mop – but he’s not sweating. He’s just being very Brit.  He’s talking in a soft monotone and bloody polite, considering the grilling of this gentleman.  Our Reps are frustrated because the man will not speculate on anything until all the investigations are complete.  (How quaint.  How thoughtful. How prudent.  How so-unlike our own.) I think he named 3 or 4 separate investigations.

I’m so impressed with our Reps.  They are bombarding the man with silvery-tongued slings and word-arrows.  Our Reps  are asking who was fired?  Who’s responsible?  Where’s the accountability?  Where’s the sound of rolling heads? Where’s the answers to our questions?  Why are you spouting words like ‘lessons learned’ (that’s our turn-of-phrase!) , ‘I don’t know’, ‘I’m not aware of that’, blab blab blab.  And our reps expect this top banana to know every bloody detail and minutiae from bottom-up of this business.  (Surely our Reps delegate tasks and details down-to-a-gnat’s-eyeball,  from their aides?)  In other words – our Reps get real smart when they grill to set blame in righteousness.

Be that they would be so thorough and detailed when questioned by We the (Small) People, colleagues, nominees, oversight hearings, eh?   But let’s be honest here.  It’s doubtful any of our Reps light-bulbs will come ON to the idea that what goes around, comes around.

This scenario will be fodder for the Brits.

Signing off now,

One of the “small people” ( as per BP Chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg.  Hi, guy! \o )

(or, one of the “little people” according to Theresa Heinz-Kerry.  Hi, Trees!  \o)


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