MSM finally addresses the cost of Prez-O’s extended campaign junkets


n.  A trip especially one taken by an official at public expense. (Source: is doing its job; feels compelled to notify its readers and the public in general of the cost of Prez-O’s recent trip to Columbus, Ohio, where he thought he deserved a round of applause for putting 100,000 Ohioans to work.   Woop-de-doo.   Prez-O’s trip “probably cost taxpayers between $500,000 to $1 million.”  Then add Air Force One that costs about $200,000 for the round trip to Columbus.  Then there’s the military aircraft that flies in limos, secret service vehicles and a standby Marine One.  This is just for this trip alone.  Now recall how many trips he’s taken in the US and abroad, many with his family in tow, and one can surmise that Prez-O has no plans to stop his expeditions and cares not a whit the cost of his on-going ‘lecture series’ to get his adulation-from-the-small-people weekly fix.

I worry that Prez-O is constantly traveling to distract the ‘small people’ away from the rogue element running our country.  Into the bloody ground I might add.

I belong in this rare air.


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