Footage suppressed by media? Can somebody translate it?


Lavish Obama vacation in time of economic turmoil raises eyebrows

It should be raising more than eyebrows, bro. This ill-timed, insensitive, oblivion-driven Obama snooty-elite, plush vacation on foreign ground boils down to one word:


Let’s see where we’re at now that we have ‘talking points’, shall we?

I’m baaaack. Back from taking a break, doing some research, watching C-SPAN watching the political arena, and getting my head on straight, after the whiplash assault on my senses from the absolute political policy lunacy run amok across our land.  From the fleecing of our hard-earned money to bail out parts of Europe’s banking structure after high-falutin’ moneymen ripped us off and fleeced their very own; from leftist politician’s grifter-generated health care “solution” to bring down health care costs; and, last, but not least, over-hauling our financial regulation structure.  Did you get that? Any one of these monumental King Kong sized policy and procedural behemoths deserve months, no, years of critical thinking (some of you never had that course, or Civics, for that matter, during your school years).  Every dem-elite says the same thing.  One leader and a legion of blind followers.

Mantra coming from the democrat-left megaphone, over-and-over again, is, ‘we’re going forward, the Republicans want to take you back.. blah blah.. to which I say, right-on! The lyin’ Dem-elites don’t have the balls to tell the People ‘progressive’ is just another word for communist (see Venona Papers).  To be fair, the under-40 crowd may not know communists don’t want useful-idiots to know their platform is always based on lies.  They have/use any other name but communist.  So yes, Repub-elites want to go back – to ferreting out commies hidden in the American fabric of society.  Deal with it.