*yawn* ..oh shut up and just follow the script!

First, Prez-O comes out recently and tells us that we can ‘absorb’ another 911 type attack. (hmm, right outta the blue, geeze, what timing, eh?)
Secondly, ‘In testimony before Congress last week, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said, “We are all seeing increased activity by a more diverse set of groups and a more diverse set of threats.” (hmm, except this article omits the fact that Janet is referring to domestic terriers..)
Then, ‘officials in Europe and US’ inform us, today, through the lame stream media that we’re on ‘high alert’ for a terrier attack, possibly in the US. (hmm, right on the heels of a thinly-disguised apropos warning from Prez-O and the national hilarity apparatus? Riiiight!)

What next?!?

OKaaaay. I’ll go first.
What major expose’ is queued-up for release, anon?

Just sayin’…

Colbert is a major A-hole – but so are congressional democrats who invited & signed off on..

..this dog & pony, er, ass show perpetrated on the American audience by an otherwise funny Steven Colbert! It’s the celebrity-obsessed congressmen who don’t understand politics is a serious game – not a game show – where they star in cameos.  But, let’s get real. In this instance, it’s the celebrity-obsessed democrats who made a mockery of the hearing by asking Colbert to give testimony at a hearing of serious import; democrats never think things through. The impulsiveness of the party will be their undoing.  It makes me envision a spin-the-wheel in the Oval Office where each morning it gets spun [like George Washington in his hallowed grave] to set the tone and issue-of-the-day.  This spin-the-wheel sits between the Impulsive Reaction and Indignation wheels.  On the table beneath these spin-the-wheels lie the Race Cards of the day – ready-to-play.  Like I said..it’s a vision.  Just sayin’…..

O, and kudos to members of the media who frowned on this stupid antic; they show their maturity, objectivity, and rare ability to present said Democrats in the role they love most – as the proverbial turd in the punchbowl.  Just kidding!


DISCLAIMER:  Not all democrats are the same.  Some of my friends are democrats.   Celebrity-obsessed, but democrats just the same.  8>