Colbert is a major A-hole – but so are congressional democrats who invited & signed off on..

..this dog & pony, er, ass show perpetrated on the American audience by an otherwise funny Steven Colbert! It’s the celebrity-obsessed congressmen who don’t understand politics is a serious game – not a game show – where they star in cameos.  But, let’s get real. In this instance, it’s the celebrity-obsessed democrats who made a mockery of the hearing by asking Colbert to give testimony at a hearing of serious import; democrats never think things through. The impulsiveness of the party will be their undoing.  It makes me envision a spin-the-wheel in the Oval Office where each morning it gets spun [like George Washington in his hallowed grave] to set the tone and issue-of-the-day.  This spin-the-wheel sits between the Impulsive Reaction and Indignation wheels.  On the table beneath these spin-the-wheels lie the Race Cards of the day – ready-to-play.  Like I’s a vision.  Just sayin’…..

O, and kudos to members of the media who frowned on this stupid antic; they show their maturity, objectivity, and rare ability to present said Democrats in the role they love most – as the proverbial turd in the punchbowl.  Just kidding!


DISCLAIMER:  Not all democrats are the same.  Some of my friends are democrats.   Celebrity-obsessed, but democrats just the same.  8>

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