Suck-Up or Sucker? Bill Maher: “I don’t have to apologize, do I, for not wanting the Western world taken over by Islam?”

Yes, Bill, you do.  If you want to keep a cool head about it.

Bill Maher Afraid Mohammeds, Islam Taking Over Western World.*  And all this time *tricksy titters* I thought Maher was a Liberal!  Imagine that.  When did he become a crazy, far-right, Tea Party nutjob?

Sane(?), far-left, Marxist, nutjobs?

Hey, Juan!  Move over.  Share your Faux Pas cell with Bill Maher.  That is, if you want to be a Good Samaritan.

*H/T to Current

About that Prez Obama ‘Keys to the Car’ analogy being brandished around town..

  1. Remind Prez Obama that he’s now in the driver’s seat, but as passengers of this great nation, we citizens have gone from the back seat into the trunk, gagged and bound, headed towards Point-of-No-Return.  No exit. No mas.  No poco.
  2. If the Bush administration ‘drove’ us into the nation’s present pileup, then Prez-O should have taken Bush’s wrecked car to the Auto Shop for repairs. Instead, Prez-O grabbed the keys,  jumped into Bush’s car before the smoke cleared, peeled out in reverse on sparkin’ rims, slammed on the brakes, slammed it into ‘drive’ again, put the pedal-to-the-metal and on warp-speed, rammed that clunker into the same pileup! Again, and again, and again..      Jackass 3D (as in 3 times dumb, dumb, dumb).
  3. Now, to put it all into perspective, when Prez-O took the wheel, he not only veered into the far-left lane, but hopped the median strip, crossed lanes, drove up and over sidewalk vendors, screamed down Main Street zig-zagging across the street from side-to-side, mowing down innocent, strolling shoppers until he finally ran out of gas (literally&figuratively), leaving behind inexplicable carnage and piles of bodies in his wake.  Compare to Bush’s exaggerated codpiece. Okay?

American Thinker running story of An Enemy Within – Code Pink & Its Democrat Enablers

C-SPAN junkies are aware of the far-left, dedicated Marxist Moms known as Code Pink who pose as ‘peace activists’ but are really an annoying group with a habit of showing up for congressional hearings on Anything Military, wearing clown suits and Joker-make-up, displaying adolescentesque Magic (Marxist) Marker-made banners and anti-war posters that serve as major distractions to the proceedings and C-SPAN viewers.  Code Pink has a long history of in-your-face, confrontational, crass behavior as guests in the congressional chambers and prolific egregious harassment of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed.  Code Pink members include American Communist Party member Leslie Cagan, an organizer of the 1999 anti-WTO riots in Seattle, WA, Code Pink Founder Medea Benjamin who also helped create the Institute for Food and Development Policy (IFDP) to help support Nicaragua’s communist dictatorship against US-backed Contras;  and IFDP members Kirsten Moller and Sandra Brim.

Recently the American Thinker ran a story about 4 Democrat congresspersons who, in 2004, made it happen for Code Pink and other radical groups to hand-over more than 1/2 million dollars in cash and supplies to enemy insurgents and their families in Fallujah. Code Pink collected supplies and cash to support what Medea Benjamin openly described as “the other side.”

Fellow leftists have attempted to defend Code Pink’s actions by arguing that the supplies they gave to the insurgents were merely “humanitarian” in nature. The evidence supports a different conclusion. For example, the radical delegation made a point of meeting with associates of radical militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr and other advocates of killing U.S. troops. The supply mission also served as a propaganda coup for U.S. detractors, attracting sympathetic coverage from an array of hostile international media outlets including Al Jazeera and Iranian TV.

You be the judge. Go stage-right to American Thinker and read the sordid details.

The evidence clearly indicates that Code Pink’s mission gave aid and comfort to America’s wartime enemies in Fallujah, a clear-cut act of sedition made possible by the group’s allies in Congress — Democrats Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Raul Grijalva, and Dennis Kucinich.


Socialist Alan Maass, author, “The Case for Socialism” and long-time editor..

..of Socialist had a brief spot during C-SPAN’s Book TV coverage of the Texas Book Festival 2010 on Sunday.  I was half-listening to it but I think I heard Alan Maass, author of  “The Case for Socialism” make fleeting remarks that Chicago has a history of socialism..a ‘hidden history’ of socialism.”   What’s one to make of this? I haven’t read this scoop in any newspaper, have you? Again, It’s very disturbing that socialists, communists, farleftloonyists and the like, must move stealthily among the population, operating under the guise of  being Democrats, afraid to reveal their true affiliation, perhaps knowing full well that true Americans will never willingly go the ‘socialist route’.  Americans have learned socialism and communism does not work.  It ends up empowering the few and repressing the citizens.

But things are changing, folks.  The ‘Socialism 2010 Conference Concludes Amid Optimism,’ tells a story of socialism becoming popular now.  According to recent polls, as much as 30% of the U.S. population, with many being our young people.  We know that Prez-O had a tsunami of young people propel him into office, so it’s a legitimate concern to learn if they were informed they were espousing socialism along the campaignway?  Are our youth being informed that “progressive” is an old handle for communist?  Does anyone doubt now that Chicago is a hotbed of socialism?  If so, can we assume that Prez-O has not been an island unto himself in the midst of this “hidden history” of Chicago socialism?  (We’re not that stupid, folks..heh heh.)

Maass conceded to the Conference audience that Prez-O has not lived up to his promise of “change” – instead – the Democrats stance has been one of “compromise and retreat”.

“The path of compromise and retreat can only be countered if we make it the path of most resistance,” said Maass to enthusiastic applause.

ISO (International Socialist Organization) leader Sharon Smith closed the conference with this harbinger of their intent: ““We have a role in creating an historic turning point. Socialism is looking more appealing.” In her closing remarks, she said the ISO’s role is “building a [broad] left-wing opposition, but also the revolutionary socialist left.”


Chris Matthews ‘thrill up his leg’ has left the building..

..along with his latent anencephalic condition. *rolling eyes*  Thank God he’s not the spouse I go home to after a rather exciting, successful day.  Matthews has finally shown us what a crass, crude and super-rude person he really is.  Thrilling leg, not withstanding. Two birds for one stone.  One stoned for two burrs.  Whatever..

For Matthews to insinuate the Chilean miners would be left to die in their underground prison if the Tea Party were in charge is so over the top – it’s pathological. He shouldn’t be on TV for impressionable children to overhear. Imagine if you will; some sensitive child sits down with her/his imaginary friends for a spot of tea and scrumptious scone, overhears this stoopid man speak ill of the Tea Party ritual in which she/he is presently enraptured, dashes to the window, throws it open, and hurls her/himself out into the ethers.. and the like.  *astonishingly horrid*

Now, I ask you:  Does Crisco Matthews sound like a sane enough man who should be in front of a mic within earshot of our vulnerable children?  No, I didn’t think so.

However, more importantly the following is addressed to our Chilean miner friends:  Let me reassure you that if the Tea Party had been in your vicinity during your ordeal and it was in their power to do so, they would have helped you in any way they could.  They would NOT have waited for the duplicative paper work to be filled out and signed-off on by half the company’s personnel; the Tea Party would NOT have waited for every “t” crossed and “i” dotted on the myriad building permits necessary to help y.. build revenue by NOT extending Bush tax cuts… and help find a ‘way-up’ for you guys. The Tea Party would NOT be busy crashing your president’s palace for a social dinner photo-op with the president before coming to your rescue.  Finally, as the Tea Party was communicating with all parties present, they would speak in full sentences, in a mature, adult voice devoid of hyperbole, histrionics, or er…er, I-I-I, um, er, um, ya, I think..ya..I think..I-I-I..w-w-want to make a point here!, or in commonly spoken, high-pitched, whiny, irritating, condescending, embarrassing developmentally-arrested, childish, shrill voices, some trying to escape an oversized ego, missing only the Goodship-lollipop sector of our society, namely, the Nanny State, comprised of those-who-know-best.

In summary, I’d like to apologize to you Chilean miners for the adolescent Chris Matthews who not only tried to trash the enormously-popular Tea Party, but also for trying to steal your thunder at a time of great joy and reunion with family and friends after showing great courage and faith in the human spirit!  The rest of the world gives you high-fives and good wishes for  long and prosperous lives.  \o/

The Good Men Project

Three intelligent and evolved men,  on a quest to find the ‘good’ in men – politicians to be exact – is not an easy feat in Today’s unethical meat market, so to speak.  Lo and behold, they do come up with 10 fairly ‘good’ politicians “worth respecting for their integrity, their passion, and their ideas.” Before I present their winners list, I implore you good souls out there, men and women alike, to mosey over to The Good Men Project and check out their classy endeavor.  You won’t be disappointed, but rather dazzled by the high standard of excellence they present to their readers.  Now, without further ado *tricksy titters* here’s The Good Men Project’s Top 10 Good Politicians list for your perusal.

The Top-10 Good Men Politicians

10) Mitch Daniels

9) Bernie Sanders

8 ) Mark Strama

7) Richard Lugar

6) Jeff Flake

5) Al Franken

4) Anh “Joseph” Cao

3) Cory Booker

2) Paul Ryan

1) Carl Levin

BREAKING NEWS: Chile’s miners’ rescue livefeed UPDATES

USTREAM Livefeed covering Chile miners’ rescue.

All praise and glory to God for this happy ending!

11:55 PM ET UPDATE:  Jubilation anew in Chile as last of 6 rescuers of 33 trapped miners reaches surface about 2 hours ago via

9:55 PM ET UPDATE:  All 33 miners free after being trapped a half-mile underground for more than 2 months about 4 hours ago via

Claudio Acuna is pulled to surface – the 26th miner to be rescued. He’s greeted by wife and daughter.

10-13-10 5:48 PM ET UPDATE:  Carlos Bugueno, 23rd miner rescued, is greeted on suface by his mother 

Rescued Chilean miner Edison Peña, a big Elvis fan, gets free invitation to Graceland

3:20 AM ET UPDATE:  Bolivian Carlos Mamani arrives at surface, kneels and is greeted with crowd holding Bolivian flags, 4th of 33 to be rescued

2:20 AM ET UPDATE: Juan Illanes reaches surface, 3rd out of 33 trapped in #Chile mine for more than 2 months 

UPDATE from PopUpCommontater:  I apologize for the interruption in coverage of the miner’s rescue LIVE cam.  At the least  opportunistic moment my satellite coverage crashed.  I can only assume that a bazillion people have been following this rescue mission in unison which has slowed down the internet immensely.  With this in mind, I regret to inform you that my coverage will be less frequent.  However, I will attempt to periodically update my readers as appropriate.  It will take more than a day to bring up all the miners.  Lastly,  I give God all the praise and glory for this first successful miner emerging from his underground prison.  Let us pray that all miners are rescued successfully.  Ciao for now.

11:22 PM ET UPDATE: Florencio Avalos first of 33 trapped miners to reach surface after being trapped half-mile underground for 69 days

10:38 PM ET UPDATE: #Chile rescue worker reaches bottom of emergency shaft to cheers of trapped miners

10:25 PM ET UPDATE: 1st #Chile rescue worker Manuel Gonzalez sent down in capsule, with presidential sendoff, for 3rd test

10:13 PM ET UPDATE: Empty capsule returns after 2nd test trip down down rescue mine shaft; next up, test with rescuer

10:11 PM ET UPDATE: Rescue chief confirms capsule door was damaged in the first test – El Pais

9:23 PM ET UPDATE: Empty capsule being lowered into mineshaft on second test before rescue attempt

9:19 PM ET UPDATE: Empty capsule retrieved from Chile mine after first test; capsule will be sent down in second test with rescue worker inside – NBC News

7:35 PM ET UPDATE: Mining minister says first rescue attempt now expected about 10 p.m. ET after more tests on communications equipment in capsule

H/T to Faustasblog

ANIHC-spelled-backwards stakes claim to South Texas oil & gas

ANIHC-spelled-backwards just bought a hunk of our Tickle-Me-Elmo economics ‘real estate’.  Has gubermint pool shark extraordinaires traded (sic) Publishing Clearing House in favor of ANIHC (spelled-backwards) Clearing Hose? Citizens being hosed-down for corporate bad debts!?!  Surely you jest! When I heard the rumor our betters enacted law that would allow foreign countries to invest in our livelihood goodies, well, *snort* I thought what a crock of..  Hey!

We don’t need no stinkin’ fur-ners buying up our bridges, buildings and..  and..  oil..  and gas industry!!!

Crikey Roos! That’s x-actly what’s going on right under our noses. Thanx Whitewall and your rationalized younger-generation largesse-wannado.  Phthpthft!  Oh, and did I say phuthck?

The SKINNY:  State-owned Chinese energy giant CNOOC is buying a multibillion-dollar stake in 600,000 acres of South Texas oil and gas fields, potentially testing the political waters for further expansion into U.S. energy

President Obama in political death knell? Read Mark Halperin’s TIME article..

Mark Halperin,editor-at-large and senior political analyst for TIME, has delivered, in my opinion, a considerable blow to Prez-O’s tenure so far; “..most politically engaged elites have reached the same conclusions: the White House is over its head, isolated, insular, arrogant and clueless about how to get along with or persuade members of Congress, the media, the business community or working-class voters. This view is held by Fox News pundits, executives and anchors at the major old-media outlets, reporters who cover the White House, Democratic and Republican congressional leaders and governors, many Democratic business people and lawyers who raised big money for Obama in 2008, and even some members of the Administration just beyond the inner circle.”

WOW.  This is incredible. *tricksy titters* Is Halperin ringing in Obama’s political death knell?  Sounds like it.  Reading the article, I almost feel sorry for the guy. (I said almost ;) Halperin lays out a credible argument enumerating Obama’s incompetence and inability to ‘play nice’ with all the political principles that go along with ‘governing’ the world nation.  My words. Well, that’s what it looks like to me.  He should be concentrating on the home front, but he’s taken it upon himself to be the world’s savior and that, my friend, is not in him.  He’d been thrown onto the world stage by the same elite clowns who now seek to toss him out into the lion’s den.  All’s that’s missing is the loincloth and chariot.

And I do take issue with Halperin’s take on the Republicans as seeming to have no specific answers to problems or Halperin’s charge of obstructing job creation.  The Democrats merely haven’t let the Republicans bring their solutions to the floor and take part in ‘brain storming’.  Big difference.  I’m a C-SPAN junkie and know how one-sided everything has been with the Democrats, politically-speaking.  Actually, they deserve what they get.  Frankly, I think this is the worst presidency of all time.  And I’m not the only one to think so, apparently. *snort*  So former president Jimmy Carter must be smiling somewhere in the world Today.  Hey! Hey!

Needless to say, Mark Halperin deserves a Medal of Honor for speaking the truth to power in times such as these.  Thank you, Mr. Halperin for telling it like it IS.  You did a great service to your country. Truth.

10-12-10 Daily Dump

  • Casting call for Obama MTV townhall Thursday (looking for a horde of ‘extras’) to populate event..? “According to the casting call for the event from talent agency, first reported by National Review Online, the company requests applications for the event, asking what issues the person is “passionate about,” requiring a “short description of your political views,” and also asks for a recent photo.”
    This is too pitiful to warrant a comment from PopUpCommontater.  Too painful.  Sorry.  But on the other hand, Prez-O is becoming quite the control freak, isn’t he?   And all this time I thought it was Ma Belle Michelle.   SEE!  I can admit when I’m wrong *tricksy titters*
  • Health industry getting into some really creepy stuff now: Greek newspaper, To Vima, announced that the largest government insurance provider would no longer pay for diabetics foot prostheses, opting for amputation, instead.
    I guess this means no more glass eyes or ear prostheses either.  This could mean Health insurer to provide bucket and guillotine, only?
  • Oh, no, Mr. Bill!  As though we couldn’t see this coming. NYC Election Board screwup: No ballots for soldiers overseas!  “New York election officials were required to ship the ballots to U.S. citizens living overseas by Sept. 17. Because New York primaries were held Sept. 14, the feds granted local officials an extension until Oct. 1.”  “Put these ballots on the next plane to Afghanistan,” (Sen. Chuck ) Schumer (D-NY) demanded. “There is absolutely no excuse for failing to get this done.”
    Oh, but it was just an honest
    mistake – honest Judge!  Kudos to Sen. Schumer for demanding they be sent to soldiers overseas – ASAP.
  • Oh, go on, whip out the race card again won’t you Prez-O! “Obama: Republicans Counting on Blacks Staying Home,” reports RealClearPolitics.
    Should blacks feel insulted/embarrassed to hear their own president say things like that, ya know?
  • Allen West: Americans have Disdain for Dems, but Don’t Trust GOP. (Source)