Teleprompters as ‘Idiot Boards’

My take on Mondale’s comment to CNN Blitzed regarding Prez-O’s reliance on his faithful teleprompter (who by the way, is pretty intelligent, no insult to its reader intended :) is simple.  Take any speech – any speech, presser, Q&A – and note whether or not he’s using TellyP or is speaking from his heart and (selective) knowledge base.  Note the subject or theme he’s addressing.  Make a two-column list; one labeled America’s Interests, the other Glo-ball. Where he doesn’t need to use his teleprompter or his ums, ers, and I-I-Is is where his heart lies, where his interests lie, where he’s going with his power trip and what he believes in.

I noted while watching (C-SPAN) his recent (9/23/10) UN speech to the world that he didn’t need his teleprompter or notes.  End of lesson.


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