Enough is Enough, Already!

PuC’s ‘inner child’ just channeled the following:

Someone needs to stop this insanity.  We are a REPUBLIC!  This is where WE STAND.  As in WE the PEOPLE.  Not empty suits who have no knowledge of their jobs in Congress.  Empty suits are PLANTS.  Not the green ones, but the “plants” peppered throughout government who have no REAL purpose other than to disrupt, deny, and deviate from our time-honored principles.  You know, the principles handed down to us by our forefathers?  Founding fathers who had intellect, reasoning powers, a sense of right and wrong, just consequences for wrongdoing; true statesmen with valor and virtue, honesty, and mercy.  Statesmen who were not perfect but in the business of perfecting society. A society that would respect, honor and trust one another and have the necessary education, humility and humanity, decency, and principled enough to choose and elect men and women of stature and principle to govern We the People with our blessings.  Get it!?! 

Whoa!  I didn’t know I had it in me! *snort*


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