Firefighters let home burn; owner didn’t pay fee. Firefighters public threat now? egads

This news item may pass through the news cycle without so much as a collective blink but it’s truly disturbing.  Disturbing in that it’s a snapshot of the mentality of some of our public servants ..and I’m assuming volunteer fireman fit in this category, altho I may be wrong. PuC’s not saying volunteer firefighters shouldn’t get paid. They should get paid by the county they serve. However, I would hope saving a home would fall under the same category as an indigent receiving emergency medical care.  Perhaps this homeowner is down on his luck (and who isn’t these days, eh?) and couldn’t pay the fee at this time.  And believe you me, if it can happen to one homeowner, it can happen to any one of us. So, I guess what I’m getting to is this: maybe it’s time to start bellowing about this kind of inhumanity, knowwhaddimean, Vern?


To those firefighters who stood by and watched a man’s home burn down – SHAME ON YOU!
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