Another public service gone rogue and ramboesque?

New Haven Police alleged use of excessive force during a raid on a Yale University party? Surely you jest, my friend?!?  Another unnecessary taser-happy Easy Rider with a badge bent on inflicting pain on anything that moves?  And surely you jest the New Haven Police Dethugment brandished semi-automatic weapons on party-goers, yes?

Another victim of taseritis ends up in the hospital following the “incident”.  Jordan Jefferson should consider himself lucky to have come out of this taser-attack alive.  Bright side – now he can sue!  How many dead now from reckless-endangerment-by-taser?  Anyone counting?

Question is, do our police forces serve the community or the feds?  We know the feds are handing off surplus and out-dated weaponry to local governments, but are they also handing over a Police Brutality Atta Boy! instruction book paint-by-numbers manual to follow as well?  Realllly! We know the ruling class has been pitting the common man against the elite class and vice versa for so long now, so why not call them on it?  Why not ask our Betters why they find it necessary to pit one class of people against another, perpetually?  Oooooooooh, you wouldn’t think it was to divert attention away from their own wrongful, corrupt, unethical actions now, would you?

I’ll bet PuC isn’t the only sane citizen that believes the police force is beholden to the community in which it lives and serves the people, keeping law-abiding citizens safe from those who would do us harm.  This recent hyperbolic raid on the citizenry is another example of how once community-friendly public safety officers have turned Ramboesque and have the mentality to go too far these days.  No doubt, there’s more hard-core criminals among us today and it’s these types of hardened criminals that make our public safety officers a jaded bunch sometimes.  It’s the only thing they see day-in and day-out.  I think LEO’s forget there are decent, law-abiding, friendly citizens in the community-at-large equation.  Pity, really, that so many are jaded – for life.  I wonder if they spend off-duty hours playing those Kill Bill type commando video games and forget they’re human.  heh heh

“The police department defended their actions in a written statement, writing, “Elevate presented such a risk that it was necessary to respond with a strong police presence that involved members of the SWAT team as support to the limited bar detail that was already in place.”

What!?! The NHPD sent in a SWAT team to wrestle puny Yalies at a private party?  Okay, now we know why the armed services slogan ‘Army of One’ is a lie.  These actions belie a deeper issue going on with the NHPD pantywaists.  Case closed.

Once people start thinking of themselves as CITIZENS of a community – not merely CONsumers – we will be better off.  How? you might ask.  If you think of yourself as a CITIZEN you will become more civic-minded and bring out the best in yourself and others.  Your community will become alive and joyous, combining care, charity and camaraderie.

Let’s just ignore Hollywood and the political/governmental arena for a while and see how our lives become better.  We can be both vigilant and virtuous. And together would be nicer, too.


Cops oughta ‘chill’ – not kill


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