DRUDGE: POLL: Race relations deteriorating sharply since Obama elected..

Only 36% of voters say relations between blacks and whites are getting better, according to a recent Rasmussen Reports national phone survey.  Whoa!  And this is down from 62% in July 2009 (~6 months into Obama’s term).  I view this as a clear indication that race relations are not a priority with this president, as was the case for our previous president.  Our “first black” president, Bill Clinton, didn’t do much better either.  We have to ask ourselves whether or not government policy divides or brings us together.  There have been those who’ve said in the past that good race relations between our Peoples only gets in the way of the ruling class objectives.  Any thoughts from my thoughtful readers?



  1. Yes, as a matter of fact I do have a comment. Freedom and Liberty most often offer solutions. While expanded government just mucks things up more than whatever it was in the first place.


    • Thank you for answering the call to respond, Patrick. I agree most enthusiastically that solutions to our problems lie within Freedom & Liberty. And to this, I’d also throw in Civility. We need to start thinking of ourselves as CITIZENS again. The rulin’ gas, er, class wants us to think of ourselves as Consumers. That way, they can justify treating us with disdain. Come back again and leave your thoughts and opinions.



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