‘Largest ever’ FBI corruption probe nets 133 cops, officials.. (o,o)

On Wednesday, FBI unveiled the largest ever police corruption round-up of 133 police, army officers, and prison guards on graft charges – in – Puerto Rico. (Why not could we be this lucky?) Operation Caddy Guard Shack takes credit for the largest police corruption investigation in the history of the FBI!  Woo-woo! Taxpayers(?) flew close to *750* FBI agents to Puerto Rico plucked from across the USA to assist in the arrests. (Seven-hundred-fifty agents to round-up 133 perps contained on an *island*? Bad hat, Harry!)  Oh, wait a sec. These stings were conducted between July 2008 and September 2010.  Well! this begs the question:  did the FBI send in 750 agents for each sting? Or, 750 over the ~25 month period? Why did they decide to announce this now when the operation is obviously not successfully over?  Why now, dammit!?!

“The Justice Department’s commitment to rooting out and eradicating alleged corruption in our law enforcement ranks has never been stronger,” said US Attorney General Eric Holder.

Puerto Rico is a Spanish-speaking Caribbean archipelago and US territory, which lies east of the Dominican Republic.

Notice anything silly about a raid in Puerto Rico being hailed as a USA victory?  I’ll bet the crimes were perpetrated in Puerto Rico, too.  I bet Puerto Ricans are thinking why pick on us, bro? Any-hoo, this masterful sting just flabbergasts the PuC. Puc thinks this is nucking futz, too. But not sure why. (PuC’s ‘inner child’: Maybe because it would take 200,999,000 agents to bring in 2,999,000 crooks living state-side?)

The good news is only 4 others remain at large – therefore only 350 agents will be needed for this swizzle stick fizzle sting. Just kiddin’!  You GO, guys!!  You, GO!!!


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  1. Well Tater, this does make one wonder just how much it cost’s the taxpayers to convict blue collar criminals…


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