World asked to snap photos at 10:10am on 10-10-10

Sunday is 10-10-10.  So, what?!? Chesapeake, Virginia, resident Brett Brownell is urging photographers around the world to take pictures at exactly 10:10 a.m.  It’s all part of Yoko Ono’s international effort to get lensmen to take pictures at the same moment in time.

Photographers are asked to register and then post their efforts along with a short story that describes the moment by visiting

Brownell’s inaugural effort came at 7:07 a.m. GMT 07/07/07, when 62 people in seven countries participated.

Brownell is the video man and photographer for the Norfolk, Virginia based rock band, Mae.
Brownell hopes-

“..the project will “prove that peace between all people and nations is possible, if even for a moment, (editor’s emphasis) and to create a beautiful collection of simultaneous photographs and stories from all over the world.  It allows people around the world to represent themselves as an artist, activist, photojournalist or individual.”

How sweet. I thought about it for a second – envisioned all the participants under the Thunderdome stopping the carnage and mayhem at the precise moment, giving the other body-bumps, a sweet peck on the cheek, then back to slaughtermenship.  (More to-the-point: silly sausage world-view of peace-on-earth – while the debil reigns. Sorry, folks.  Reality check.)

My second vision, because 10-10-10 is an arcane-enough, one-of-a-kind, sort of esoteric number, was of a horrifying scene of another terrier attack by the All Qinda mind-setters, on the order of the 07-07-07 London attack … perish the thought!  (And to think, Brownell thought enough about 07-07-07 to ask the world to take pictures on the day London was attacked.)

My second thought, third vision (..I really shouldn’t think..) came over me..  of atheist Richard Dawkins’ Camp Questadors sitting around a campfire singing  ‘Imagine there’s no heaven … and no religion, too.’ *snort*

Sooo, hmmm.. how’d that Kumbaya-around-the-campfire moment work for you?


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  1. Thank you, thank you.. :>


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