Mortgage lenders using flawed court papers to evict homeowners

AG’s of “up to 40 states plan to announce soon a joint investigation into banks’ use of flawed foreclosure paperwork,” according to an item posted at CNBC online, according to a person who spoke on condition of anonymity cuz the investigation has not yet been made public.  (hunh? so we’re reading this from under a rock..? :>)  Apparently the mortgage industry won’t be happy until they get what they want.  Perhaps that would be an America as a third world country? It’s the mortgage industry that got us into this mess.  They should get us out of it. No more taxpayer dollars to foot the bill for an industry that didn’t play by the rules. The mortgage industry should use its own money, not ours. Why should we pay for their con games?

Rules suck.  Just ask the average American who’s held accountable for every infraction imaginable.  There’s a law on the books for practically every human endeavor.  Who’s holding the whitecollar crooks accountable for their greedfest which is wiping out the prosperity of our nation?  Who’s holding “professionals” accountable to a higher standard of conduct that anyone over 50 years of age remembers from the Good Olde Days, hunh?

This really sucks.  Whitecollar ‘skanks’, that is.


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