BREAKING NEWS: Chile’s miners’ rescue livefeed UPDATES

USTREAM Livefeed covering Chile miners’ rescue.

All praise and glory to God for this happy ending!

11:55 PM ET UPDATE:  Jubilation anew in Chile as last of 6 rescuers of 33 trapped miners reaches surface about 2 hours ago via

9:55 PM ET UPDATE:  All 33 miners free after being trapped a half-mile underground for more than 2 months about 4 hours ago via

Claudio Acuna is pulled to surface – the 26th miner to be rescued. He’s greeted by wife and daughter.

10-13-10 5:48 PM ET UPDATE:  Carlos Bugueno, 23rd miner rescued, is greeted on suface by his mother 

Rescued Chilean miner Edison Peña, a big Elvis fan, gets free invitation to Graceland

3:20 AM ET UPDATE:  Bolivian Carlos Mamani arrives at surface, kneels and is greeted with crowd holding Bolivian flags, 4th of 33 to be rescued

2:20 AM ET UPDATE: Juan Illanes reaches surface, 3rd out of 33 trapped in #Chile mine for more than 2 months 

UPDATE from PopUpCommontater:  I apologize for the interruption in coverage of the miner’s rescue LIVE cam.  At the least  opportunistic moment my satellite coverage crashed.  I can only assume that a bazillion people have been following this rescue mission in unison which has slowed down the internet immensely.  With this in mind, I regret to inform you that my coverage will be less frequent.  However, I will attempt to periodically update my readers as appropriate.  It will take more than a day to bring up all the miners.  Lastly,  I give God all the praise and glory for this first successful miner emerging from his underground prison.  Let us pray that all miners are rescued successfully.  Ciao for now.

11:22 PM ET UPDATE: Florencio Avalos first of 33 trapped miners to reach surface after being trapped half-mile underground for 69 days

10:38 PM ET UPDATE: #Chile rescue worker reaches bottom of emergency shaft to cheers of trapped miners

10:25 PM ET UPDATE: 1st #Chile rescue worker Manuel Gonzalez sent down in capsule, with presidential sendoff, for 3rd test

10:13 PM ET UPDATE: Empty capsule returns after 2nd test trip down down rescue mine shaft; next up, test with rescuer

10:11 PM ET UPDATE: Rescue chief confirms capsule door was damaged in the first test – El Pais

9:23 PM ET UPDATE: Empty capsule being lowered into mineshaft on second test before rescue attempt

9:19 PM ET UPDATE: Empty capsule retrieved from Chile mine after first test; capsule will be sent down in second test with rescue worker inside – NBC News

7:35 PM ET UPDATE: Mining minister says first rescue attempt now expected about 10 p.m. ET after more tests on communications equipment in capsule

H/T to Faustasblog


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