The Good Men Project

Three intelligent and evolved men,  on a quest to find the ‘good’ in men – politicians to be exact – is not an easy feat in Today’s unethical meat market, so to speak.  Lo and behold, they do come up with 10 fairly ‘good’ politicians “worth respecting for their integrity, their passion, and their ideas.” Before I present their winners list, I implore you good souls out there, men and women alike, to mosey over to The Good Men Project and check out their classy endeavor.  You won’t be disappointed, but rather dazzled by the high standard of excellence they present to their readers.  Now, without further ado *tricksy titters* here’s The Good Men Project’s Top 10 Good Politicians list for your perusal.

The Top-10 Good Men Politicians

10) Mitch Daniels

9) Bernie Sanders

8 ) Mark Strama

7) Richard Lugar

6) Jeff Flake

5) Al Franken

4) Anh “Joseph” Cao

3) Cory Booker

2) Paul Ryan

1) Carl Levin


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