Chris Matthews ‘thrill up his leg’ has left the building..

..along with his latent anencephalic condition. *rolling eyes*  Thank God he’s not the spouse I go home to after a rather exciting, successful day.  Matthews has finally shown us what a crass, crude and super-rude person he really is.  Thrilling leg, not withstanding. Two birds for one stone.  One stoned for two burrs.  Whatever..

For Matthews to insinuate the Chilean miners would be left to die in their underground prison if the Tea Party were in charge is so over the top – it’s pathological. He shouldn’t be on TV for impressionable children to overhear. Imagine if you will; some sensitive child sits down with her/his imaginary friends for a spot of tea and scrumptious scone, overhears this stoopid man speak ill of the Tea Party ritual in which she/he is presently enraptured, dashes to the window, throws it open, and hurls her/himself out into the ethers.. and the like.  *astonishingly horrid*

Now, I ask you:  Does Crisco Matthews sound like a sane enough man who should be in front of a mic within earshot of our vulnerable children?  No, I didn’t think so.

However, more importantly the following is addressed to our Chilean miner friends:  Let me reassure you that if the Tea Party had been in your vicinity during your ordeal and it was in their power to do so, they would have helped you in any way they could.  They would NOT have waited for the duplicative paper work to be filled out and signed-off on by half the company’s personnel; the Tea Party would NOT have waited for every “t” crossed and “i” dotted on the myriad building permits necessary to help y.. build revenue by NOT extending Bush tax cuts… and help find a ‘way-up’ for you guys. The Tea Party would NOT be busy crashing your president’s palace for a social dinner photo-op with the president before coming to your rescue.  Finally, as the Tea Party was communicating with all parties present, they would speak in full sentences, in a mature, adult voice devoid of hyperbole, histrionics, or er…er, I-I-I, um, er, um, ya, I think..ya..I think..I-I-I..w-w-want to make a point here!, or in commonly spoken, high-pitched, whiny, irritating, condescending, embarrassing developmentally-arrested, childish, shrill voices, some trying to escape an oversized ego, missing only the Goodship-lollipop sector of our society, namely, the Nanny State, comprised of those-who-know-best.

In summary, I’d like to apologize to you Chilean miners for the adolescent Chris Matthews who not only tried to trash the enormously-popular Tea Party, but also for trying to steal your thunder at a time of great joy and reunion with family and friends after showing great courage and faith in the human spirit!  The rest of the world gives you high-fives and good wishes for  long and prosperous lives.  \o/


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  1. Chris Matthews 'thrill up his leg' has left the building…..

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…


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