Socialist Alan Maass, author, “The Case for Socialism” and long-time editor..

..of Socialist had a brief spot during C-SPAN’s Book TV coverage of the Texas Book Festival 2010 on Sunday.  I was half-listening to it but I think I heard Alan Maass, author of  “The Case for Socialism” make fleeting remarks that Chicago has a history of socialism..a ‘hidden history’ of socialism.”   What’s one to make of this? I haven’t read this scoop in any newspaper, have you? Again, It’s very disturbing that socialists, communists, farleftloonyists and the like, must move stealthily among the population, operating under the guise of  being Democrats, afraid to reveal their true affiliation, perhaps knowing full well that true Americans will never willingly go the ‘socialist route’.  Americans have learned socialism and communism does not work.  It ends up empowering the few and repressing the citizens.

But things are changing, folks.  The ‘Socialism 2010 Conference Concludes Amid Optimism,’ tells a story of socialism becoming popular now.  According to recent polls, as much as 30% of the U.S. population, with many being our young people.  We know that Prez-O had a tsunami of young people propel him into office, so it’s a legitimate concern to learn if they were informed they were espousing socialism along the campaignway?  Are our youth being informed that “progressive” is an old handle for communist?  Does anyone doubt now that Chicago is a hotbed of socialism?  If so, can we assume that Prez-O has not been an island unto himself in the midst of this “hidden history” of Chicago socialism?  (We’re not that stupid, folks..heh heh.)

Maass conceded to the Conference audience that Prez-O has not lived up to his promise of “change” – instead – the Democrats stance has been one of “compromise and retreat”.

“The path of compromise and retreat can only be countered if we make it the path of most resistance,” said Maass to enthusiastic applause.

ISO (International Socialist Organization) leader Sharon Smith closed the conference with this harbinger of their intent: ““We have a role in creating an historic turning point. Socialism is looking more appealing.” In her closing remarks, she said the ISO’s role is “building a [broad] left-wing opposition, but also the revolutionary socialist left.”




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  2. Sounds like more of the same from the usual suspects to me. Remaining ever vigilant, and seeing to it that the young are truly educated will help along those lines.


    • I’m getting to know ‘you’ through your blog, Conservative Libertarian Outpost, and just want to let you know I feel honored that you’ve chosen to stop in here at PopUpCommontater to express your thoughts. (By the way, I just ‘got’ your avatar, after getting up-close and scrutinizing; cool.)


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