American Thinker running story of An Enemy Within – Code Pink & Its Democrat Enablers

C-SPAN junkies are aware of the far-left, dedicated Marxist Moms known as Code Pink who pose as ‘peace activists’ but are really an annoying group with a habit of showing up for congressional hearings on Anything Military, wearing clown suits and Joker-make-up, displaying adolescentesque Magic (Marxist) Marker-made banners and anti-war posters that serve as major distractions to the proceedings and C-SPAN viewers.  Code Pink has a long history of in-your-face, confrontational, crass behavior as guests in the congressional chambers and prolific egregious harassment of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed.  Code Pink members include American Communist Party member Leslie Cagan, an organizer of the 1999 anti-WTO riots in Seattle, WA, Code Pink Founder Medea Benjamin who also helped create the Institute for Food and Development Policy (IFDP) to help support Nicaragua’s communist dictatorship against US-backed Contras;  and IFDP members Kirsten Moller and Sandra Brim.

Recently the American Thinker ran a story about 4 Democrat congresspersons who, in 2004, made it happen for Code Pink and other radical groups to hand-over more than 1/2 million dollars in cash and supplies to enemy insurgents and their families in Fallujah. Code Pink collected supplies and cash to support what Medea Benjamin openly described as “the other side.”

Fellow leftists have attempted to defend Code Pink’s actions by arguing that the supplies they gave to the insurgents were merely “humanitarian” in nature. The evidence supports a different conclusion. For example, the radical delegation made a point of meeting with associates of radical militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr and other advocates of killing U.S. troops. The supply mission also served as a propaganda coup for U.S. detractors, attracting sympathetic coverage from an array of hostile international media outlets including Al Jazeera and Iranian TV.

You be the judge. Go stage-right to American Thinker and read the sordid details.

The evidence clearly indicates that Code Pink’s mission gave aid and comfort to America’s wartime enemies in Fallujah, a clear-cut act of sedition made possible by the group’s allies in Congress — Democrats Barbara Boxer, Henry Waxman, Raul Grijalva, and Dennis Kucinich.



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