Congresswoman Michele Bachman ‘air’ kicks Chris Matthews in his ‘tingle’ parts..

Hardball’s Chris Matthews had the ‘tingle’ kicked out of him by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann after repeated attempts by Thrill to insult the Congresswoman and try to get her to answer whether the new Congressional majority would investigate Democrats for “un-American activities.”  The Thriller Matthews was harking back to the 2008 Hardball show when Bachmann said Prez-O “may have anti-American views” – this, after Matthews set the stage for entrapment. So, tonight, Limpball Hardball’s Thriller repeatedly asks the Congresswoman if the Republicans will investigate Prez-O’s ‘un-American activities’ now that they’re in the Majority. See for yourself..

She never took the bait. She never lost her composure.  I think it was at the moment of Tingle’s deepest-felt frustration that Bachmann asked him ‘how’s that Thrill going for you lately’?  Or something like that *tricksy titters*   Hey WHOT!? He deserved it.  Guess he put on his Furious when Bachmann went off-camera,  tried to dig himself & Tingle out of Humiliation Hole.  heh.  You gooooo, grrl!

Oooooh, by the way.  I guess she was riiiiight. Don’t start. You know the drill.  You don’t like what I say..?



  1. Funny as heck! It doesn’t matter what party you’re affiliated with.


    • See, America? Tina GETS IT!

      When we (as a nation) start putting principle above personality when it comes to politics we will persevere & prosper.

      Thanks for stopping by, Tina. Welcome to PopUpCommontater. Please come back any time and join the discussion.


  2. LMAO!

    Are you really sure that you want him to bite you though Tater..?


    • Well, Sper, if he bit me, it would be a temporary pause to his yapping, high-pitched, shrill, screeching, condescending, embarrassingly developmentally-arrested childish uttering – and I’d feel smug by my public service. heh heh


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