omg! Prez-O STILL doesn’t GET it! What’ll it take to get through to him!?!


I’m suspended in a state of disbelief!  Am I the only stew-nod in America that threw M&M’s at the telly today as Prez-O stood at the presser podium in, what seemed to be, a trance.. no wait!.. frozen in Denial, or whatEVer,  about his culpability in the election results?!? I can’t be-lieve Prez-Less had the audacity to suggest We the People are merely registering our frustration at the pace of implementation of his policies and NOT the FACT that we DO NOT like his socialist policies!!! Period. Aargh!  %*)#@  He can’t be that nucking futty and dense! He is so totally removed – disconnected – egotistic – and, and now I’m beginning to believe he’s having  delusions of grandeur.  I’m seriosis.  If he is, we’ve entered a Danger Zone because he could be capable of doing something stupid..  or desperate.. like, like working from the White House!! *snicker*

Sooo, Just-who-ate-stupid anyway?  I think the following articles give the impression that it ain’t PuC.  Could it be Obamessiah of American’t..?  *snort*

Hey Prez-O!

It’s NOT the pace – It’s the POLICIES!

Just for starters, just saying…



  1. BHO: Stuck on stupid!


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