News Stew 11/11/10

‘Bout that..

  • Mystery ‘missile’ off CA coast that our NORAD & Pentagon have no ‘clue’ about?  C’mon, guys.  Even PuC has the common sense to ask, well, maybe they should have thought twice before leasing a former Navy base in Long Beach to China, eh?  Just sayin’.. heh heh
  • Conservative Muslim government Information Minister, Titatul Sembiring, in Jakarta, Indonesia shaking hands with first lady Michelle-O, then regrets it after all sputtering on Facebook, Twit et al. that it wasn’t his choice. [Said he doesn’t usually touch women who are not related to him. So all you tv & video witnesses are wrong. Or he’s lying. Which is it?] ..It wasn’t his choice. Then whose choice was it?!? The Muslim government, or, Prez-O himself?  After all, trip video footage shows Michelle-O walking several paces behind Prez-O; I thought..oh oh.. another faux pas, not cool. So, here’s a question for know-it-all-ledgers: aren’t you at all concerned about all the attention given to non-Christians by our Illustrious Leader?
  • ‘Bout that ‘mystery’ missile launch that the gubermint knows nothing about (idiots!): From Citizen Wells via From Citizens for Legitimate Government: “U.S. ‘Notice to Mariners’ Report May Explain Mystery Missile Launch Posted by Lori Price, 11 Nov 2010 A ‘Notice to Mariners’ report entry may explain the missile launch earlier this week from Southern California waters near Catalina Island. Page 55 of the current ‘Notice to Mariners’ report, dated 6 November 2010, notes upcoming firing operations in that area. The report is published weekly by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and prepared jointly with the National Ocean Service and U.S. Coast Guard.”

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  1. Not bad Tater, not bad at all.


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