What ever happened to ‘private parts’? As in P.R.I.V.A.T.E.  As in D.O.N.T. GO T.H.E.R.E!  Those two words, in days past, invoked a hush.. a reverence of sorts..  say, a sense of self-preservation of the family jewels?  No one got past the cod piece without being invited. Period. Really!  Think about it, folks.  We throw out ‘junk’.  We keep what is precious close to our this case, close to our solar plexus (look it up, dweeb! :).  What real man would want his ‘junk’ known as the neighborhood runt, something to look down on (and weep..?) like a disposable, plastic one-time tool, when done with, is thrown over there, with the rest of your junk. Men of my day were proud of their manhood apparatus and felt a loyalty to, protective of, and reverence for what lay below the horizon, so to speak. Junk!?! Who’d want it?  Maybe some perverted Touch Some Arse quasi-rape-kitter who doesn’t get his own ‘junk’ fondled enough, I ask you!?! My, man. Don’t be surprised if very, very soon the Touch-Some-Arse brigade resorts to the FINGER PROBE to search for stuff-ups, and you know what I mean.  NOW is the time to voice your opinion to the Ruling Class your objection to the past, present, and future invasion of your privacy (parts!).

Sooo, think about it, man.  Why refer to your manhood as ‘junk’ which only demeans what you have to – contribute to – and sustain our future generation?  Grow up and drop the snarky misnomer, ok? It sucks.  It’s trashy.

And when did our gubermint become so juvenile and trigger-happy in its response to life’s hurdles in a calm?  Nothing seems to be well-thought-out or seriously contemplated by those in congress who represent us Americans.  As a matter of fact, it’s about dern time the gubermint starts thinking of us again as CITIZENS – and not as CONSUMERS.  It dehumanizes us and gives them some justification to treat us as ‘junk’.  Not to be taken seriously. Nor take us in consideration for dialogue. Makes it easier to conjure up draconian policies and procedures without regard for our shared humanity.  Our sense of civility.  Pride.  Dignity.  Radiation tolerance.  [heh heh]

PopUpCommontater is not the lone voice in the wilderness when it comes to this issue.  There are others:

Jeffrey Goldberg: TSA Opt-Out Day, Now with a Superfantastic New Twist!

Before It’s News: Body Scanner Controversy Making Loud Noise

Sibel Edmonds: The Not So Gradual Degradation of a Nation

Pilots and Passengers rail at new airport patdowns

Privacy Inc.:  Biochemist says ‘naked’ X-ray scanner may be unsafe

**Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed in Street-Roving Vans**



  1. […] DON’T TOUCH MY JUNK..ewwww! November 15, 2010 commontater […]


  2. Damn Tater!
    *Can’t touch that!*
    It might have been early Rap, but it made the same point.

    Frikn’ people…


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