‘Love Pats’? Love PATS?!? More like furtive fondling by FUBARs..sicksonofabiatches!!


S’cuse me, but I seem to have lodged my hand in your ‘crotchal’ area while passing by you..s..err..

Image courtesy Craig F. Walker, The Denver Post

In a move to make light of and play down the outrage of Americans who think  TSA is out-of-bounds in their insistence to grope and poke around people’s private-parts, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MI) declared, “I’m wildly excited that I can walk through a machine instead of getting my dose of love pats.”  I think a grave mistake *tricksy titters* was made in using the phrase “love pats” to describe the yanking, probing, poking, jiggling, pre-Chrismissy wreck-the-walls-with-balls-of-fury airport friskfest on salt & seasoned holiday travelers.  It won’t be long before TSA junkies turn comedian and start asking travelers ‘do you want fries with that?  before lunging into your pants looking for a possible explosion explosive device, heehee, singing Pants on the Ground! Implies a new definition, too, for going on a junket:  hanging out in your nearest airport to get molested – or – get your jollies!  Yayyyy!!! *snort* Sad. Good gawd.

I don’t care what these seemingly morally-bankrupt officials think about their trigger-happy, reactionary attempt at high-minded justification for getting into our pants:  we’re trying to protect you!…”We are using technology and protocols to stay ahead of the threat and keep you safe.” From what? Unsanctioned State molestation facilitators? Furtive fondling by FUBARs!?! Good gawd.  It’s reallllly getting old taking out the terrahtard card before holidays, dontcha think, dweebs?!  What kind of people have we become?

It’s the most twisted rationalization for public safety, imaginable. It’s the most bizarre mandated action I’ve ever seen perpetrated on innocent, law-abiding citizens.. by low-brow elected officials, viz, our own gubermint. The horror stories we heard growing up about the inhumane, indecent, invasive, intrusive actions by dictators and sickos from other countries have, well, arrived. on. our. shores.  These invasive tactics take everything we’ve ever held sacred (no pun intended) and decent – only to pervert it!  In other words, something evil this way comes. It’s, like, taking every moral, cautious lesson we’ve ever been taught by our parents and turning it on its head (no pun intended). For example:  Don’t let strangers touch you anywhere on your body! No touches inside your bathing suit boundaries!  If a stranger approaches you or tries to touch or grab you – SCREAM!

Now, parents are working at airports inappropriately touching other parent’s children and their own parents as well, so to speak.  Some lesson.  It’s nucking futz, isn’t it?

ISN’T IT !!!!



  1. DADT is an issue which should be tabled until the war is over. Anything that has factually been cited that will serve as a disruption to the military should not be put in place during wartime. It has nothing to do with bigotry or the social agenda of a tiny minority vastly trying to disrupt the majority that works. Peacetime is the best time to address DADT, not now. It is the most unprofessional and unpatriotic thing to do in the middle of a war to knowingly do something that will hinder and disrupt your own military. Any general of any real merit or credential, not some Hollywood loser like Admiral Mullen, would tell you such.


    • ..a-h-h-h, I’m not sure why you made this comment here on a post having nothing to do with DADT, Joe, but having said that, I agree with what you wrote. Now is not the time to disrupt our military while at war. And, DADT surely does not have anything to do with bigotry, intolerance or the social agenda of a small percentage of people who ought to try any other means to advance their cause than the in-your-face confrontation using the Angst bellow.

      Glad you stopped in to voice your opinion, Joe. Welcome to PopUpCommontater!


  2. I can’t wait for the report of some gay dude getting “excited” at all that probing. And the look, on National news, of the face of the TSA Agent…


    • ‘Specially if they assume the above positions. *snort* Hey, look what this gubermint faux’d-up pas does for the canned-laughter industry, comics and steady-stream of one-liners which shall entertain us – et le monde entier – for years to come!

      It’s always good to have your input, Sper. Just so you know, I’m relieved that I stopped flying some years ago during the rash of airplane hijackings & hostage-taking else I’d have to do my civic duty and crack some nuts en route.. between planes.. etc. I fence, and might entertain traveling in full gear so if the opportunity arose, I’d consider spearing some olives floating ’round in some TSA underwear, har har. Sorry. Going for the joke. Which is TSA in toto. Aaaand Janet Napalomino. ;>


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