Marc Ambinder is a blogger NO longer..

Marc Ambinder has written the most intelligent, objective and perceptive post on the state of journalism that I’ve ever read. Kudos to you, Ambinder, for a truthful assessment on the current state of blogger journalism. Leaving the blogging world of journalism is a courageous step for one who is so well-loved and admired, but you are a true journalist in the purest sense.  The world will be a better place with you in it writing what needs to be written, without having to inject your own ego into the equation, which is a necessary evil for online bloggers in order to retain viewership. Your intellect and professionalism is far above the blogosphere herd and we need to get back to quality news-gathering and dissemination via newsprint, magazine and journal medium.  Nice to know you’ll keep your business relationship with The Atlantic and National Journal.  So, see ya ’round.  Good luck, mate!


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