Dugway Proving Ground in Utah on Lockdown!

Dugway’s PR spokesmanperson, Al Vogel, would only say that Dugway has been on lockdown since 5:24 pm Wednesday; more than 1,000 employees were not allowed to leave and employees arriving for work have not been allowed access, or so the story goes.  All this drama and Vogel merely chirps there were no injuries, no damage and no threats. But Twitter is all a-twit-ing with speculation syndrome.  Don’t bother! Nothing to see here. Move along.  The punch bowl has exhausted its Kool-Aid.  Someone must have muttered too loudly ‘well, that forces me to go to the cafeteria for my usual cholesterol bomb..  u know, the club sammy piled a foot high with layer after layer of cheese, bacon, cheese, ham, cheese, pickles, cheese, mayo, cheese, lettuce, hamburger, cheese, bacon, hamburger, ketchup, cheese, onions, cheese and topped with a delicate slice of crispy bacon on a bed of cheese smothered under a bun.  (No one’s sayin’ whose bun.)  I think said cholesterol bomb what sent everyone scrambling for cover.. and the necessary lockdown..  until they find cholesterol.  .. what a strange name for a bomb, no?

Oh, I should add that Dugway Proving Ground is an Army testing and training base where ‘military’ weapons are tested.  Like hard weapons and those that can be sprayed into the air until ‘not even a mouse was stirring’.

*burp* ..and to all you naysayers regarding the nefarious notions of chemical potions..

Oh, shhh-ut up!
Chemtrails are the real-deal.    PopUpCommontator commends Harold Dean Berry for speaking out about the spraying going on over Elko County, Nevada, in his comments below.  Do the research, people.  Speak truth to power long, deep, and continuously.   And for those who may call you nucking futz, tell them PopUpCommontater says Bite Me!  and get off your arses and do the research, cite 3 credible sources or more before you speak.   When you have the facts, you’ll have no trouble speaking the truth to those who will listen, and don’t worry about those who may humor you about the subject, at least they will walk away inquisitive and curious.   Truth invites enlightenment, sayeth PuC.  Peace out.
Edited 012712 to include the above paragraph.


  1. Dugway Proving Grounds outside of Wendover, Utah, has been spraying something over the skies of Elko County, Nevada, starting about a month ago. I just photographed no less than ten jets leaving what can’t possibly be normal exhaust trails. They’re about four times wider than the trails we’re all used to seeing. Plus, we never get that many jets through here, at most about one a day. Dugway and The Newly-Formed Communist Government Of America are up to something very nefarious. And I know these jets must be from Dugway because they’re the closest commie base. I’m writing all my local, county, state, and federal officials. You need to start making your voices heard about all the anti-American, anti-freedom crap that’s coming down. Google “chemtrails” and see what you come up with. I’m emailing out my photos as we speak. Harold Dean Berry – Wells, Nevada.


    • Thank you, Sir, for adding your comments to the Dugway Proving Ground post and for letting my readers know of your observations of the spraying going in the skies over Elko County, Nevada. These chemicals are ingested and inhaled by the population and when combined with a potion they plan on releasing into the atmosphere in the near future, the reaction in your body will be manifested by illness, disease and death depending on the health of your immune system.


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