The Daily Caller‘s Mike Riggs offers up the most exquisite quote of the day. He describes the essence of  the magnitude of moment.  In this instance, Obama adviser Valerie Jarret’s faux pas expressed during an upscale dinner hosted by the hoity-toity Alfalfa Club (whoa!..of Spanky and Our Gang fame!?!);  she flags down a general parading several stars walking in front of her table, Garçon! “I’d like another glass of wine,” (Mike Riggs) puts Jarret’s bona-fried line right up there with Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” screech and the Jesse Jackson cutting remark into a hot mic that he wanted to castrate Obama – with the following zinger:

Like coal crushed into diamonds by the pressure of a million eyeballs, such moments are forever.

Now that line is a thing of beauty!