Paging Dr. Cal Lightman.. your expert opinion is requested, sir..

Dear Dr. Cal Lightman,

America needs you.  Americans don’t think anyone in DC can be trusted.  You’re the expert.  Americans need to know how that ‘hope and change’ thing is going for our Prez-O.

This is your baseline, Dr. Lightman.

Is he hiding something from the American people that we ought to know about, Dr. Lightman?  Maybe you should put him in the cage?  Interrogate him. See if he can answer tough questions – on his own. Don’t let Teleprompter in the same room with him, ok?  Don’t be afraid to tell us if his olde ‘Hope & Change’ thingee has morphed into Nope & Same, or, Dope & Lame; ya see my point? Ohhhh, and can you actually see his strings? I mean, seein’ as you’re intuitive and prescient and all, can you see things we can’t, like who’s behind the curtain, even?  Thank you, Dr. Lightman.  It seems you’re one of the only high-profile dudes these days who cares about lyin’ in public places. I’m the other one.

I’m glad to be watching you at work.  I’m learning a whole lot from you.  Keep up the good work and keep in touch.

Respectfully yours,