Mission Creep

Military ‘Courtesy Patrol’ began in Uptown Columbus, Georgia (USA) this past Friday, 4/22/11, citing two (2) incidents (in early April) to justify military presence in the streets:

#1 – Police allege that 5 soldiers beat another soldier (former), putting him in the hospital with head injuries.
#2 – “..a shooting that left four injured – one fatally – at Mario’s restaurant on Broadway.”
#3 Charlotte Burton says the extra patrols may not be enough and thinks they’ll need to “increase the security being offered.. a lot of people come down here at night.”
#4 – Specialist Ryan Jesse stationed at Fort Benning says of the ‘courtesy’ military patrol, “It keeps things in check. It avoids thing (not PuC’s typo ;) getting out of hand which happens a lot with soldiers unfortunately.” (PuC’s emphasis)
#5 – This is not the first Columbus has needed the help of military ‘courtesy’ patrols although it’s been years since the last time it was implemented.

All that*, for just two incidents (2, count’m), one of which was U.S. servicemen Gone Wild and the other perhaps a Bad-Food-Fight-Gone-Wrong shooting over at Mario’s Restuarant?
Velly, velly in..sterrr..esting, vouldn’t you say..?


FOX 5, Lissen up: ‘Lie To Me’ and ‘Human Target’ are hands-off, ya hear! ;>

With all due love and respect, FOX (First on Xcellence? We’ll see),  if you cancel Lie To Me  and/or Human Target and renew Fringe only, our relationship is over! As in O.V.E.R!   If you guys can’t get it that good shows take a while to garner a faithful, mature audience, thenYOU’LL  NEVER GET IT! As for me, that means I don’t want to be associated with any fox that shows itself during daylight, iff’nyaknowwhaddamean, Vern.   You can’t break up sacred trilogy, man! Get a grip.   Get with the program.  Lead – or get out of the way.   Lead the  TV networks to include intelligent, savvy, engaging shows with good writers.

The acclaimed and consummate Awards-winning actor Tim Roth‘s role as Dr. Cal Lightman is as good as it gets.   Exquisite, man.  Roth has a loooong list of  exceptional accomplishments in off-beat movies and TV.  You can see why PopUpCommontater occasionally seeks advice and consultation with Dr. Lightman, right? ;>  I greatly admire the whole cast.  Each bringing something different to the whole.   Kelli Williams brings beauty, smarts, and sexy tension to the Lightman/Dr. Gillian Foster relationship which is believable.   Monica Raymund/Ria Torres and Brendan Hines/Eli Loker are a pleasure to watch in their respective roles;  Ria with her innate  ability to do what Lightman took years to learn – sets up the underlying tension of envy coming from Lightman towards Torres, yes?  Raymund also has innate acting ability having been cast in Lie To Me as a virtual graduate of “..the acting program at The Juilliard School, where she won the coveted John Houseman Award for Commitment and Dedication to the Development of Young American Actors.”  I can tell you she’s passed the muster test for talent as far as I’m concerned.  Another beauty with brains for TV Land.  (And FOX wants to can this show – how stoopid can.. aaaaaaackkkk).  Brendan Hines is probably best known for his recurring role on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles another show I loved that was cancelled.  You get a 2-fer with Hines.  He’s not only an actor.  He’s also a singer-songwriter who performs in a band called The Brendan Hines which hails from Los Angeles.  Hmm.. I wonder if there are other Hines performing in the band?  Last, but not in any terms least, is cutie Hayley Mcfarland who plays Dr. Lightman’s (and ex-wife Zoe) daughter Emily.  She’s a great actress and perfectly suited  for the complex Lightman.  IMHO, she’s mature beyond her years and a force to be reckoned with;  her acting ability rivals the younger Jodie Foster, Tatum O’Neal, Elizabeth Taylor.

Human Target went off the rails when they brought in a potential love interest for Christopher Chance/MarkValley,  sorry.  This show should have stuck to showcasing Mark Valley as the Human Target..  He made the Christopher Chance character bigger than life.   Super heroes shouldn’t be bogged down by ‘love interests’ and mere mortal ‘attachments’.   Super heroes should be for Everyman, not one woman, dig?  But hey, that’s just my opinion.  Another reason this show went off the rails is because the show episodes were as hard to find as a ricocheting racket ball. Certainly no fault of its stellar cast , FOX.  You didn’t mentor this great show as well as you could have or should have.  Again, you didn’t give much respect to the great cast you were lucky to get.  Shame on you!  How come you can’t see a winner when its in your face, huh?   With Chi McBride/Winston and Jackie Earle Haley/Guerrero joining Valley, we have another perfect trinity of stars.  These actors have known each other and worked together since Way Back When.  It shows.  Their perfect chemistry on Human Target is testimony to this mega display of simpatico. And I’m not suggesting the new additions to the show in the persons of Indira Varma/Ilsa Pucci and Janet Montgomery/Ames detracts from the show.  Not at all! They add the necessary spice-n-nice plus intelligence-with-beauty necessary to authenticate women in TV roles.  I just don’t want the hero fallin’ in love with one of them. heh heh.   Best for Last:  If you want to read the best Save Human Target Again commentary, this is it, by Brittany Frederick on Starpulse.

You’ve already pissed me off by canceling  The Good Guys starring Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford.  Can it get any better than this?  [YOU: Ahhhh,  ha, ya dummy.  You just said the same thing about Lie To Me, PuC head!]   This duo has great comedic chemistry! And, Whitford (actor of high-caliber), Whitford, is as hilarious as Hanks is a-good lookin’ as his Dad, dudes.   FOX, you’re crazy for taking The Good Guys off the air.  [Crazy fox – daylight -rabid, get it? heh]

And while I’m at it I’d like to serve up the same cluepon to FX concerning Justified.

[original image Think Magazine]

Don’t mess with Justified, FX, or I will ax.. AX..all viewership on FX if you mess with Justified.   It just doesn’t get any better than.. [I know, I know.]  Timothy Olyphant is one of my favorite actors of late.  I’m glad to see his star rising; he was truly 60’s hep in Rock Star with Mark Wahlburg and crazy bad in Hitman, but Olyphant  is truly stellar as the captivating and complex Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens on Justified, ok?

Olyphant is a master of nuance and captivates his audience with his hypnotic intensity.  His seamless characterization as the captivating Raylan Givens convinces the viewer of his character’s, and Olyphant’s own, authenticity and smoldering intellect.

“The Best Dramatic Series on TV” – New York Times

Justified’s blog.

*BREAKING NEWS* Stand-off at Kuckoo Korral Update (..gag…)


O, here we go again, folks.  The Congressional stand-off.  Just like all the other stand-offs.  We fools need to think Congress is at odds with each other, or with Prez-O, in order for us to think they’re actually at odds with each other..  our so-called two-party farce force..  so us little people will think their representatives are actually fighting principled for us..  for our good benefit! *bwahahaha*  They’ll go on TV and bad-mouth each other, too..then hook-up later for their usual cluster gigglefest!  Hey! Hey! Hey! We snowed’em again, guys!

Silly sausages.

Wanna make a bet the stand-off ends at the 11th hour?



UPDATE (4.9.11):  DRUDGE REPORT headline:  11th HOUR: LET’S MAKE A DEAL.
[And no, I’m not Drudge. *smirk*]
(Obama) Takes credit for ‘biggest annual spending cut in history’..
[That’s PR spin at its best, folks.  ‘They’ must be worried. ;]