Mission Creep

Military ‘Courtesy Patrol’ began in Uptown Columbus, Georgia (USA) this past Friday, 4/22/11, citing two (2) incidents (in early April) to justify military presence in the streets:

#1 – Police allege that 5 soldiers beat another soldier (former), putting him in the hospital with head injuries.
#2 – “..a shooting that left four injured – one fatally – at Mario’s restaurant on Broadway.”
#3 Charlotte Burton says the extra patrols may not be enough and thinks they’ll need to “increase the security being offered.. a lot of people come down here at night.”
#4 – Specialist Ryan Jesse stationed at Fort Benning says of the ‘courtesy’ military patrol, “It keeps things in check. It avoids thing (not PuC’s typo ;) getting out of hand which happens a lot with soldiers unfortunately.” (PuC’s emphasis)
#5 – This is not the first Columbus has needed the help of military ‘courtesy’ patrols although it’s been years since the last time it was implemented.

All that*, for just two incidents (2, count’m), one of which was U.S. servicemen Gone Wild and the other perhaps a Bad-Food-Fight-Gone-Wrong shooting over at Mario’s Restuarant?
Velly, velly in..sterrr..esting, vouldn’t you say..?


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