Prez-O has no plans to nix summer vacation..

..and stay state-side to deal with the contrived debt crises here at home, according to an AFP story run today.

I don’t understand why people are getting crabby about prez-O taking a vacation with his family………………………….even as the People’s livelihoods drop around America’s ankles…..because a man has to keep up the high-life that he’s grown accustom to, for instance, according to Mark Knoller of CBS, since taking office,

  • prez-O flew in Air Force One 328 times, since taking office.
  • That works out to prez-O flying ’bout every other day.
  • Let’s break it down, shall we!
  • That would be 111 domestic trips spanning 176 days, 16 foreign trips to 25 countries over 70 days, and 10 vacation trips spanning 58 days, since taking office.
  • In 2010, prez-O had face-to-face meetings with 61 foreign leaders, 30 for the first time.
  • prez-O took 196 helicopter trips, signed 203 pieces of legislation, and managed to squueze in 29 rounds of golf.
  • prez-O made 15 visits/spanning 35 days to Camp David.
  • 28 basketball outings, since taking office.
  • 254 interviews since taking office.
  • WH officials told reporters recently that prez-O doesn’t intend on hanging around the WH as much in 2011; he wants to get out more, ‘specially ’round the country, hawking his wares.   There’s an election comin’ up, ya know.
  • prez-O has made 883 speeches, statements and remarks since taking office (491 prior to taking office).
  • prez-O has visited 38 states (out of his 57) for the first time, since taking office.
  • That works out to ’bout 600 days of  a Perpetual prez-O-Campain schtick.  Fasten your seat belts, folks!  Bumpy ride ahead!
  • Air-Force estimates put the cost of flying for one HOUR at..wait for it.. $181,757.00 !!!!!
  • That’s not counting the additional travel costs for the customary WH brood entourage, Marine One, Secret Service, special vehicles, logistics and local poleece overtime, either.
  • Wow!  That’s one he!! of a frequent flier dollars going into prez-O’s carbon footprint, wouldn’t you say?!?
  • prez-O made one official utterance every 11 waking hours.
  • prez-O spends nearly half his presidency outside Washington, DC.  Plans to travel more.
  • Vacationer-in-Chief spent $1.75 to visit Hawaiian chums.
  • prez-O has spent over $100M taxpayer dollars flying around in Air Force One.
  • Probably another $100M on his entourage.


So, who’s to begrudge a working man some time off, even so, summer vacation…?  Really!?!

For cryin’ out loud, mon?


He work hard for the money.   He goin’ on vacation whether you likes it or not.


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