DRUDGE: Obama takes charge at hurricane command center.. (to command Hurricane DUD!)

Image borrowed from Drudge

Per Drudge: Obama takes charge at hurricane command center.


Spare me.

I says Prez-O takes command of…. the puniest, least deadly, most-hyped-up hurricane DUD in 50 years!! 

You heard me.  HURRICANE DUD!

And the MSM “weather” experts blew this so all out of proportion they ought to hang their heads in shame.  Oh.  That’s right.  SHAME is so passe′.



  1. *chuckles*

    On target Tater, no adjustments needed.


    • Great to see you back here, Patrick! FYI: Rumor has it that Texan Hurricane Don and Hurricane Irene were actually married
      earlier this year and gave birth, 8.29.11, to a little baby Minicane, Dudley Do Squat. *tricksy titters*

      In all fairness, tho, the floods from Irene were pretty destructive further north and I certainly don’t make light of it now. I pray the good people will be able to put their lives back together posthaste.

      And what mischief have you been up to, lately, Patrick? ;>


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