NEWS STEW 9.07.11

1. Seeing as I’m posting this on the fly, let’s begin with my favorite owl. No, not the Great Horned owl but rather, Owl Gore, aka The Big Kahunowl aka Owl de Bore aka Owlfidgety aka Owl Hat, No Catastrophe. ..git my drift?  The global-smarming evidence-gathering headhunter ‘rebukes Obama’ today for copping-out under pressure from polluters regarding new restrictions on pollution-spewing humanoids.  tsk, tsk.  Shame on us!

2. Anyhoo, The Big Kahunowl had this to say on his blog today:

“Instead of relying on science, President Obama appears to have bowed to King Abdullah pressure from.. “

..teehee,,*tricksy titters*,, hee hee,, bwahahakahunowl,, *snort* So sorry folks,, that’s as far as I read.  Maybe you’ll do better..


Another prez-O bow sighting.
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3. NYTimes news analysis. ‘A Campaign Challenge’ Defining Obama.  Try ’empty suit’ for starters, eh?  ‘Nuff of this crap.  But noooo, it seems the WH is doing a desperate make-over of prez-O, just in time, too. ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition premiere’s Sunday 9.25.11.  A suit house is not a throne home,, yikes,, unless it’s dressed, pressed & messed by BamaWhere Yes-We-Can’t collection. This stunning decor is minimalist in nature.  It incorporates what’s called InvisiCloak whereas everything is invisible to the naked eye – except for prez-O..  Everything is white-washed and has a hint of glitter outlining each object and/or person in the room making it easy to see, well, the president.  He was hands-on with this project, as well as TOTUS. [PuC]

4. Somehow reading The Right Scoop’s article Ann Coulter to Sarah Palin: Fish or Cut Bait sounds about right.  Worth reading.  BTW, I’m not for or against Sarah Palin.  I’m just not that into her.