Health care another ‘ingenious’ scam?

1. How will this new Obama health care industry be different than the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac housing mortgage scheme debacle?  How many times do Americans have to be scammed until they realize the Ways & Means for making our great nation a third world country?

2. Do Americans know that paying for health care differs monetarily for everyone according to state, region and locality?  Are we going to be forced to buy Obama’s health care and pay different amounts according to the dictates of locality? That’s not equal (health) protection under the law, is it?

3.  How is this going to change our Constitution since the ruling is unconstitutional??

4. Is this the start of a Tax and Spend movement?

5. Is this the pathway to Socialism?

6.  What is the Commerce Cause anyway?  If Congress can force us to buy Obama health care, there’s no stopping Congress from forcing other mandates.  Like that?

7.  If this ruling is a huge surprise to the private and professional sector, does it make it ‘suspect’?  Does it warrant special investigation as to who may have had a ‘gun to their head’,  a phrase repeated publicly?

8.  This ruling has changed the relationship between Congress and the American people.  Congress no longer works for the People.   Does this mean Congress works for global interests now?




  1. Drew, its not all about deadbeats. What about the individuals who work 3 part time jobs to make ends meet yet aren’t given access to group health care because they don’t meet the “eligibility” requirements at any one of the 3 jobs. Wal Mart, McDonald’s, etc. all practice this and purposefully hire more PT workers to avoid having to contribute to a health plan. I know Wal Mart holds many employees below the 32 hr threshold they set. Its not because the workers are lazy.Second, why doesn’t the Christian right understand the Bible says to take care of those in need.Third, states require car insurance to protect individuals from others action and to help keep car insurance premiums lower. I haven’t had a ticket in 12 years, haven’t had an accident in 23 years, yet my premiums keep going up year after year because there are still uninsured motorists out there who cause accidents that we end up footing the bill for. Health insurance works the same way. Premiums for those of us with health insurance go up every time someone who is uninsured gets treated in Urgent Care or the Emergency Room. Hospitals, while they can refuse to treat, generally don’t because they are more loyal to the Hippocratic oath they take than to the almighty $.Next, Congress needs to focus on infrastructure and education versus the ridiculous amount of time they spend on “issues” that do not contribute anything to the overall quality of life in our country.


    • Thank you for a very thoughtful contribution to this post – and welcome to PuC’s place, sir/madam. While I tend to agree with your thoughts and examples, I disagree that the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act by our friends in the left aisle will thrill us with their intended take-over of the health care industry. Just think of being under the “care” of an entity that has managed to fleece Americans time and time again. Just think how expensive it will be to open 150 new government agencies with God knows how many employees. Just think of SEC.5210. ESTABLISHING A READY RESERVE CORPS….for service in time of national emergency that is slipped into the HEALTH CARE law. What’s that all about? Think about the fact that this law is full of new taxes! How are Americans going to deal with even MORE taxes. Then, think about why Chief Justice changed his vote at the last moment right after prez-o issued a warning the evening before.

      I believe the proper way to approach the mess we are in is to go after the REAL culprits of high health care costs: the insurance companies. Who messed with insurance regulations? Why are our representatives not going after these culprits? The only way a health care system will work that benefits ALL Americans is when it’s run by honest, ethical, virtuous professionals. Right now our society is rift with despicable white collar thieves. Period.


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